Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sportif!: Freddles Rides His Bike In the Forest While Mary Tries To Be a Global Celebrity Hypocrite In NYC: Who Is Taking Care of the Kids In Their Pyjamas?

Joizus, Fred! You may have a high aerobic capacity, but lay off the beers, man!

It's both sad and encouraging to see him on a bike, ready to undertake a bike marathon. It's hard not to root him on to keep him going in what seems sometimes to be a herculean effort for him to even get out of bed. But then again, getting out of bed for another sports enterprise? Really, Fred? What are you trying to prove? I think you should get a nice morning running or biking routine going, you know 4 to 5 mornings a week, let that be your "you" time, both your downtime and your daily build up. Take it from those of us who work for a living - it'll make you sharper at work! And when Madam the Countess of New York is off seeking celebrity and attention outside of puny little Denmark, then use your morning to hang out with the kiddos. You have four of them! Do you remember all their names? That's ok, you can use this time to get to know them. Yeah, a couple of them really have the Boganson genes, but then again, Daddy Far didn't really do much to prevent that, did he? Is that why you're trying to get strong, now, Freddums? To fight the bogan and re-emerge from a potential divorce a stronger man ready to find a better gal? At this point, it's probably just about survival for Fred. But supplementing his exercise routine and some serious work with a bit of psychiatric counseling and regular AA meetings would be a really good start to being a better dad and a better person.

Article: Billed Bladet

Crown Prince Frederik Got a Good Start In a Cycling Race

Denmark's tough sports-prince gives the currently gas on his mountain bike to reach the finish in Merida MTB Marathon 2013

At 9:00am Sunday morning, the starting shot was fired for this year's Merida MTB Marathon in Hillingdon, where 2,000 cyclists will compete to get the best times.

In the midst of the crowd sat Crown Prince Frederik clear on his mountain bike with a smile, a black helmet on his head and number 213 on the back.

He is part of the Elite team, who will be cycling 103 km through a wooded area. Same distance as he rode last year.

The Sports Prince is in top form after he recently conducted an Ironman, and his time came around to 1 hour and 40 minutes when he arrived at the first depot on the route at 32 km.

Here he took a short break when he got his bike aired, filled his water bottle up and got something to eat.

"Things are looking very good", said a fresh Crown Prince Frederik to Billed Bladet, before he again disappeared into the woods.

Now it will be interesting to see when the crown prince bikes across the finish line on Slotsgade in Hillingdon.

Photo: Krestine Havemann, Janne Mulvad


  1. Ha! If Denmark has a Saturday Night Live equivalent, they should have a "Really?!?! with Seth and Amy" on Fred's embrace of solely sports related "work" projects. "Really!?!?"

  2. He has nothing to do but sports? He must be working!!!!! He is getting old and still playing and having fun around? Why our queen does´t make a decision and choose Joachim? Fred can´t do the job and Yrma is a joke.

  3. They are the number one Danish Bogan Family. Two lazy clowns plus four brats are all shameless freeloaders.

  4. Hello, you have no permission to use ny photos on your website. Please remove them, or contact me.
    Janne Mulvad

    1. No problem at all, Janne. Please identify which ones are yours. At least a couple belong to another photographer.
      Also, you should know that your photos are all over the internet, especially royalty pages, forums and blogs. I am hardly the only one who posts them, but I am the most cooperative and the only one who even bothers to give credit to the photographers.
      Let me hear from you.