Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sportif!: Derfie Returns From US To Work, That Is, Hanging Out With 10 Year Olds At a Ropes Course (Psst, Fred, That's Not Work)

"I can haz fun, no werk!"
Upon his return from Newport, USA, where he was competing with the Nanoq during recent Farr 40 events, widdle Fweddie got all dressed up in his freshly pressed clothes to go to a forest to get dirty with children on a ropes course. Derf showed up looking like your scuzzy, ne'er-do-well cousin, the one you've heard your parents whisper and yell about for years but have never been allowed to meet because he's made "some questionable choices" and wouldn't be "a good influence". Ah, that cousin. The one who can't hold down a job, but can score some good weed and play video games with you while telling you inappropriate stories about his carnal adventures. Gud bevare Danmark!

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