Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Vietnamese State Visit, Day One: Schackenborgs Out Class, Out Love, Out Professional The Clown Prince Couple

"Don't worry, I damn sure make them Photoshop this crap!"

Well, Daisy knows that the show must go on, but things aren't quite right in the state of Denmark. There is clear tension between the Derfie-Doodles and the Schackenborgs, although Marie seems to try to make an effort at small talk with Mary both at the airport and at the gala dinner table. Mary, however, and true to her character, doesn't really reciprocate. In the footage from the dinner, it's clear that Mary feels lost and alone: she doesn't speak French, a common second language for Vietnamese people, one that Marie can easily use to converse with her seatmates, and look at her assume that she'll be sitting in Prince Henrik's place before getting pushed back down the line. What an entitled dope. And all she does is slap on that smarmy look on her face. Ugh.

Fred looks like death warmed over. It's so clear to everyone that he lives with a toxic woman (and is missing sportif duties - at least when children don't beat him in windsurfing). I am ALL about taking personal responsibility and knowing that change can only come from within, but dumb Fred is being poisoned by Virus Mary. He looks dead or worse, like he is the roadkill from Madam's 18 wheeler truck that has mowed him down, stripped him of all possessions and dignity, and left him to die on the side of the road to kingship. He actually seems to wish he were dead! Ugh, and just look at him, picking his nose "discreetly" at the table! While Joachim gallantly helped Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt with her chair. This is such a badly disjointed family. Thank goodness for the Schackenborgs and Princess Benedikte!

Video: DR


Mary escorted Vietnamese First Lady Mai Thi Hanh to the "Bumblebee" class at a local preschool.



In the evening was the State Dinner at Fredensborg.
Christian and Karin Friis Bach



Photos: Keld Navntoft, Jeppe Bjørn Veljø


  1. An old hag in pinkie and with a granny hairdo. She looks like 55.

  2. Yrma looks like an old raisin! Is Fred drunk?

  3. The Danish people are fortunate to have such a wonderful woman as Daisy for their Queen. A beautiful soul inside and out.

  4. Long live Daisy and God help Fred. Mary is a nasty succubus isn't she? Nice to see Marie and Joachim looking very much in love. They need that love to buttress themselves against the Mary Hate Machine that spews ill will everywhere it goes!

  5. The pink dress is matronly. I don't get it ----- with all that money can't a good stylist be found. I think Mary would look good in L'Wren Scott or Armani or Catherine Walker. Let's be realistic here. How many 40 year old women with 4 kids don't have a few wrinkles Mariie nd Joachim are so in love

  6. What a bunch of jealous jags