Saturday, September 28, 2013

Wha Hae!: Furious Ekstra Bladet Takes the Piss Out of Mary's Claim That She, Derf, and the Kids Spend Saturdays Lounging In Their Jammies

Good one, Ekstra Bladet! Making fun of ridiculous Mary's "Denmark sucks, all praise Australia" interview with Women's Weekly. Quote: “A good weekend is when we don’t have any plans. We love a Saturday morning when you don’t have to rush, when we can play, read the papers and stay in our pyjamas until late,” says Mary. In their justifiably furious response to Mary's blatant disregard to the very people who pay her extremely high bills, EB finds two male models, and dresses them up in pyjamas to pretend this is the royal couple on a Saturday. As if they wear PJs! Fred spends the night wherever he passes out and Madam sleeps upside down in her coffin before waking to her IV drip of puppy blood.
Best line: "She still dreams in English"! Yes, because she wants to be only an Australian star!
Article: Ekstra Bladet
We Wear Pajamas Most of the DayAs the readers of Ekstra Bladet know, it's not a packed program of work that characterises Crown Princess Mary's and Crown Prince Frederik's lives.

Now Mary reveals that even at home there´s no rush when they are with their four children.

In an interview with the Australian monthly magazine Women's Weekly she gives a rare glimpse into everyday life at home at Amalienborg.

"A great weekend is when we do not have any plans. We love a Saturday morning where we do not have to hurry and where we can play, read newspapers and stay in our pajamas until late", says Mary among others things in the exclusive interview with Women's Weekly.

Thank goodness Mary notes that pajamas can be on most of the days in the month.
Ekstra Bladet checked last month's calendar, and it reveals that in August, she was only out of the castle twice for "work". Fred had a similar number of work days.

She emphasises, however, that there is a lot of activity in the royal chambers - or rather outside.

"We love being physically active. We go for walks, cycling, walking in the park, walks in the woods and we all love to swim.

In the interview to the Australian media she says also that she is a mother in line with the other women who have children going in the children's school.

Therefore she will go on camping with Prince Christian and his classmates and their parents.

"I have to sleep in a cabin somewhere where we need to go camping with all Christians schoolmates", she says.

In the interview she also says that the Danish language at the beginning caused her major problems, but today she thinks in Danish.

She still dreams in English, though.
Photo Manipulation: Ekstra Bladet

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  1. not the best photoshopping but the effort is appreciated. is ekstra bladet a respected magazine? will this be noticed in Denmark?