Friday, September 27, 2013

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!: His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge To Be Baptised In St. James' Palace When Soul-Auntie Princess Mary Boganson Is In Australia

"Mary, my dear possum, you bet too big against Harry, George and now me! What were you thinking? My advice dear? Pack all the rubies and the elephant and blind them into noticing you."

Poor little Mary Boganson. All that planning, begging, phone calling, yelling, threatening, blackmailing, scheduling, and STRESS, practically all for naught! This was supposed to be fabulous and All About MaryPrince Harry's coming to Oz in early October, and he's packing his ginger-sweet charisma as the grandson of the Queen of Australia. The Australian Queen's great-grandson and future king Prince George will be christened on October 23, the day her heavily-Photoshopped unsophisticated ladies' rag photo shoot and interview of lies will hit the supermarkets. The star-studded Opera House 40th anniversary celebrations will take place 27 October. On 28 October, you've brought the Crown Prince Couple Awards out of Denmark (such a stupid, cold place, it's not like anyone will notice, roight?) into the Opera House. Which will be televised in Denmark and not merit any attention by Aussies. Shoot! So much for that strategic planning expertise and her crap PR personnel. Poor, poor Mary. At this point, her best bet for getting noticed in the flash of Better Celebrities is staging a pratfall off the stage and being caught by Hugh Jackman. C'mon, Mary, you can rally and find SOME way into the greater media! It's your destiny to keep trying to be loved by your former (FORMER, Mary) countrymen.

Official Website: The Opera House, Celebrating 40

Fred's face seems to reveal that this 40th anniversary could be the wifey-poo's swan song.
Oh, please, please, let that be it!

Article: Express

Prince George to Be Christened By Archbishop of Canterbury in October

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's son will be christened by Reverend Justin Welby at a service held on Wednesday October 23.

The private service will be held at the Chapel Royal in St James's Palace.

Kensington Palace said in a brief statement that Kate and Prince William were "pleased" to announce the christening of their son Prince George.

The Palace added that "close members of both families" would attend but said the list of senior guests that have been invited would be released at a later date.

Reverend Welby said he was "delighted" to be invited to baptise Prince George and that it was a "great privilege and honour".


Reverend Welby said: "I am delighted to be invited to conduct the baptism of HRH Prince George. It is a great privilege and honour and will without doubt be an occasion of immense joy and celebration.

"I am looking forward to welcoming him into the family of the church."

The Chapel Royal, where Prince George will be christened, dates back a number of centuries.

It was originally set up as an establishment for priests and singers to serve the needs of the Sovereign.

It was constructed by Henry VIII and was used for the marriage of Queen Victoria.

While in 1997 the coffin of Princess was laid there before the altar so family and friends could pay their respects in private.
The news of the christening comes on the same day that Kensington Palace revealed the new Coat of Arms to represent the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as a married couple.

The Conjugal Coat of Arms which was approved by the Queen combines William's coat of arms and Kate's shield from the Middleton family coat of arms.

Both shields are supported by the royal lion and unicorn, each wearing a three pointed collar, known as a label.

The label has a red escallop shell derived from the Spencer coat of arms which has been used by William's ancestors on Diana's side for many centuries.

The Royal Baby was born on July 23 at St Mary's Hospital in London to much jubilation and celebration across the country.


  1. Poor bogan. It's the Miracle Twins Christening again: days before what was supposed to be a big show I-Am-The Perfect-Mother-Icon-Fairytale-Princess-Married-to-My-Destined-Prince, Fred was caught dancing and embracing blondes in a nightclub without Madame. So much for the Perfect family picture !
    Now George's christening is going to steal her thunder...Being outranked by a barely 3-month-old baby must kill her.

  2. haha! Was that picture of dame Edna taken the moment she met Mary? That's the expression lots of people have, for sure! She's less than stellar!

  3. Mary Boganson is really really big but only in her dream.