Thursday, June 20, 2013

FAIL: While the Rest of the Royal Family Goes About Their Important Business, Yrma Prepares To Drag Derfie and the Miracle Gargoyles on Latest Junket To Oz: Looker Me, Bitches!

"Aim-bah! Book yer floit to Seedney! Oi'm callin' a moiting! Geet a decent driss fer once. It'll be BEEG!"
This week, gentle Princess Marie was in Brussels to visit the European Commission, meeting with EU Climate Commissioner and fellow Dane Connie Hedegaard, and NATO, where fellow Dane and former Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen is the Big Cheese. It's gettin' pretty Danish all up in Belgium, hey! Marie was also given a tour of the Main Operations Room of the European Commission's Emergency Response Centre, all due to her own participation in Danish emergency training as patron of the DK Emergency Management Agency. Therefore, it was a topic she could relate to as she's heavily participated - even with kiddos - back at home. Noice!
On the heels of his recent military duties in Greenland, Prince Joachim gave a speech and provided a royal presence at the opening of the Maritime and Fishing Museum in Esbjerg in his "home region" of Denmark, coastal Jutland north of Møgeltønder.
Together, the couple found time to support their friend, the designer Charlotte Sparre. Don't these two look ready to party in the Hamptons? Very preppy in their Oxford shirts and pink! Look at Joachim gazing lovingly at his wife! You never see that chez the Derfsons!
Aboard the Dannebrog, Prince Henrik distributed this year's Europa Nostra Prize for European cultural heritage to Henning Larsen Architects in the presence of Erik Vind, royal cousin and husband to Alexandra's first lady in waiting.
Daisy herself was over at the Tivoli theatre making sure the final costume fitting for her own designs went well. They will be used soon in the production of Hans Christian Andersen's "The Brave Tin Soldier".
Hell, even Derfie rolled out of bed long enough to hang out someplace with that nice, sexy blonde lady whose first name is Prime and who has a nice rack. Frex cleans up well for the ladies! Well, the nice ones, anyway!
But nothing beats the week that Madam's had, at least as far as Madam is concerned. Her letter writing campaign, calls to Max Markson, begging to the office of the Governor-General ("why invite those pommie bastards, Quentin? You want HOME GROWN stardom!"), offers of "nice lady company" to Mr. Bach in exchange for string pulling ("We got brown people, too, Christian! Set something up!"), extra incentive payments to The McCann Group-Copenhagen and contacts with various and sundry D-list Aussies has finally paid off. No waiting for the friggin' 50th year celebrations, Madam's face will have fallen by then, and Fred may even be happily married, obviously at that point to someone else. No, MoreMore will be in Sydney this October for the 40th anniversary of the Sydney Opera House! Four months to pack, that should be about right.
Time to celebrate Mary the ingenious design and engineering marvel that is the Sydney Opera House, the Danish gift to Australia that the receiving country - in the true spirit of its local bogans - ungratefully fucked up, disowned, and shot down, making so much of an ugly, ignorant ruckus that its sensitive and talented architect Jørn Utzon left the country for his native Denmark vowing never to return to Australia. It is perfect symbolism that Princess Mary of Starmakers, Patron Saint of Ungrateful, Unsophisticated Gold-diggers is coming down to insult honour her new country's one time most shamed Dane in the presence of its current most shamed Dane, El Derfe. The universe weeps, it is all so symmetrically beautiful in its disdain.


  1. Mother. Fucker. How many looker me tours of Argentina has Maxima done? A handful of visits home to see family with a few photo ops in exchange for privacy. How many looker me tours of France has BonBon done? None, that's how many. Has Autumn Kelly dragged Peter Phillips triumphantly all over Canada? No not at all. This bitch is off the charts deranged. Marge is crazy to let her get away with this blatant publicity seeking and fame whoring. Unless Big M is smart and giving Mosh enough rope to hang herself. Oh please let that be it.

  2. The man who is primarily responsible for screwing Utzon was Davis Hughes, a philistine who lied about having a university degree. That's definitely in the Mary mold of screwing the very Danes she calls slow!

  3. I know we hate all this, but Yrma is a genius of sorts. One lucky meeting and some terrific manipulations and she now spends the rest of her life sponging off of Danish and Australian taxpapers. I could never do this and I don't admire her for it. But she's clever.

  4. She just found an idiot, that´s it. You can see how King Wilhelm Alexander push Maxima to succeed; But our Fred..., well, he is what he is, a sporty lover in a prince body. He can´t even give a good speech. Better, he can´t even speak. We are at the end of the line with Yrma and Fred.
    Yrma goes to Australia because is the only place she is recognized. Remember her in the USA? waking like ordinary people in SOHO? Nobody looked at her. She goes to Australia because is the only place people understand her weird english. Let her be (as the Beattles song) all the stupid she want to be.

  5. Princess Marie is truly a Big Beauty and she seems very serious in Everything she does.

  6. Hi there
    I cheer what you’re writing. Manipulated and directed by Freemasonry. Little does the public understand that the reason poor Prince Fred is not so happy is because Princess Mary is not the person Fred wanted to be with. The Freemasons are controlling the strings. With further investigation you will understand it is also political.
    Who are the Freemasons you ask? as they are secretive and dealings are not so obvious. They have more power over politics and business than the general public know. With research you will notice the royals also wear the 'jewels' at formal occasions. They award each other 'orders'.
    Who is the fair haired woman in Australia Fred really wanted to be with? He got then pushed into an arranged relationship with Mary via the guild of sailors who pulled the business strings. The woman he wanted would have allowed the man to smile a smile of love. He proposed to the woman he chose and married another as the guild got in the way by force.
    Greed, unethical power and control is what Mary and the guild gained for their own business ventures. They did not care how, , but, only their opportunity for more power at the expense of Fred. As Fred wanted a beautiful, ethical and genuine woman at his side.
    Do you want more information?

    1. Yes please tell us. Its about time someone spoke the truth.

  7. Could you explain why you are telling us this information now? If true what is Fred supposed to do after 9 years of marriage and 4 children?

  8. I blame those spineless lying Australia politicians like the vice-premier of NSW who sent mary donkeyson the skank an invitation, and the stupid and ignorant magazines like women day or whatever-its-name to promote this useless piece of sh@t.

  9. Thank you,
    The truth sounds better then fiction. Seems like a tale which would be great as a book then made into a movie. Only you would have to document the decorations that Prince Frederick wears to know that he was born into the Freemasonry guild that follows orders. He has to do as he is told, same as Princess Mary. It is an arrangement for greed and power which will not be obvious to the general public. However, you and many others seem to see through the facade. He’s a trapped man doing what he can to enjoy what ever life is placed before him. Scouts are always looking for anything which will get in the way of his preferred direction.
    Many guild conversations here in Australia have discussed how Mary had the children by IVF. Prince Fred loves the children very much. Princess Mary loves the children as they are the padlock of her living the life of someone else. P Mary knows who would’ve been in her seat, and is, with assistance of corporate company owners in Australia, doing their utmost to keep the preferred woman well under any radar. Blocking the desired woman from having a most fulfilling life of luxury. Not only is this woman kept from Prince Fred. She is kept from holding career roles that she deserves. Due to the Freemasonry Guild, corruption in the Police force she is hobbled into poverty and an existence far less worthy of where she deserves to be.
    That fateful day when the fair haired woman met Prince Fred at The “Slip Inn” she did not realize who he was. (But, Mary did!) however, due to morals and ethics she was violently pushed aside by Mary. From there, heavies(recognizable business people) gave strict instructions to the woman to forget the events leading up to that moment. This young woman was told in no uncertain terms to move on. Her life from that time on was strategically orchestrated through a series of events that have been suppressed through Police, Fire,politicians, insurance firm, false friends. And, the truth goes on down a most unfortunate track. Even to a point where guild people have said to her “Why won’t you die?”
    As far as nine years and four children! This young woman had been trying in as many channels she could link with, just to stay alive from their harms, and had been blocked by Freemasonry and the corporate structure behind the blockages.
    Want to know more?

  10. Even if this were true I doubt anyone would believe you. Tell us anyway!

  11. Yes please. But could you please clarify a few things:
    - in your first email you said the Crown Prince had proposed to the woman and in your second you said she met him at the Slip Inn. Had they met before? Surely they had to for him to propose??
    - if true, why is this woman still suffering 9 years later? Why hasnt she moved on from this situation? All of Fred's other girlfriends have. Why is she being harassed if she has moved on??
    - How do you know Fred is unhappy? They appear happy in photos and videos etc? Does he have any contact with this woman?
    For the story to have merit these things must be clarified. Could you please then continue with the provision of information.

  12. We want to know more yes. Why was Fred subjected to this and the other Princes are not? Of course, Charles was not allowed to marry Camilla in the first instance, but there are other European and Scandinavian princes that married women who were considered unsuitable but the Princes were adamant and married their true loves? (eg: Mette Marit of Norway and Maxima of The Netherlands) Does Fred know the dire position this woman (that he loves/loved) is in? If he is married and that isn't going to change, why would they continue to feel threatened by this woman and make her life a misery?

  13. Thank you - with all due respect for the detail of your explanation, I'm wondering why the Freemasons would select Mary Donaldson (as she was then) as their ideal Princess/Queen? How does it benefit them? I confess not to be a fan of most "conspiracy theories", but will keep an open mind in this case.

  14. So, have you met Fred? If yes, where?

  15. Please help us to believe you by telling us a little about her. What is her first name, her age. What work does she do? Exactly how did Mary break up her relationship with Fred if in fact she (your friend) had only just met him at the Slip Inn? Also, Fred had another relationship with someone else in Europe during this time. Do you know anything about his relationship with her and was Fred actually two timing on everyone??

  16. Our Lady met him in Copenhagen in January 2000 when she was on holidays.
    We may write again in a few days with some more information for you.

  17. This is no conspiracy theory. This is the untold truth.
    Our Lady, art teacher and leadership consultant met Fred in Copenhagen in January 2000 when she was on holiday. Our Lady, last saw Fred at a sports event in Sydney in 2009 where she was a long term official volunteer to the sailing club.
    There has been many reprisals to Our Lady until 2013 from people known to ‘the wife’ because Our Lady is alive to speak the truth. . I hope you will understand why we will not disclose the name of Our Lady as we wish to protect her safety from further attacks from high profile businessmen known to the wife. These people are from the Sydney area: one of the people who once sat on the executive of an international Insurance company, another who now sits on the executive of a Sydney taxi company, boat builders and the owner of a supermarket chain all aligned to ‘the wife’. They also have the assistance of police commissioners and the judiciary. These empires did very well from the political and financial deals. It gave those families the key and power to trade in Denmark and they don’t want the public to know their dirty work. Please understand that so much happens in guiding nations business dealings secretly through Freemasonry. Only with independent research will you find out ‘who is linked to who’ to understand how some businesses make a lot of money and how others are squashed to die slowly.
    Central to this scam are Commodore’s of the CYCA in Sydney. Unfortunately, another key to the misfortunes of OUR LADY is her stepfather, as he is a member of IOOF (Independent Order of Odd Fellows) . He has no web presence to direct you to gather information on him. He does not want Our Lady to have a respectable life, and he blocked her to be with Fred. She worked hard for her career and would be in a much better financial position than she is now if it weren’t for the stepfather and the mates he shares with ‘The Wife’.
    Please understand that OUR LADY is not bitter over not having Fred as her husband. OUR LADY has been stopped having any other loving husband and having children. This is more damaging to her than anything. She, however, is disappointed in the injustice and not being given a chance to be safe. The actions of many people who have harmed her physically and done their utmost to harm her emotionally and psychologically, and damage her reputation do to please ‘The Wife’.
    Due to tentacles of some corrupt police known to ’The Wife’ police harass Our Lady. Concerns are life threatening actions by loyalists to Our Lady from persons involved with this fraternal lot assisting ‘The Wife’. Let’s remember Our Lady met Fred first! ‘The Wife was not Fred’s selection by personal choice.. Our lady has had trouble gaining any solicitor to take on the case as the Freemasonry tentacles have a vast amount of money, connections and resources to quash any possible convictions. They only rely on gossip and backing up the façade put forward for the public. Repeatedly Solicitors say she has a case, then within a few days the solicitor returns (Sorry I can’t take on this case “Too risky for my business as Freemasonry “are too big”!) with no assistance.
    Swedish ‘rites’ and Freemasonry have been in Denmark for a very long time and the family has a long history of arranged marriages. Fred has said so himself in documentaries.
    All royals have ‘decorations’. Just look up Fred’s on Wikipedia. Although Fred is not impressed with all that comes with these decorations, he was born into it and he is controlled by the system. Including his marriage.

  18. Thank you for your email and the information contained therein. Could you answer these questions:
    1. Have you met Fred?
    2. Why would they choose Mary Donaldson to become the Crown Princess of Denmark?
    3. Do you know if Fred is happily married or has he accepted the situation?
    4. Do you think Fred and the wife will ultimately divorce?
    Thanks so much

  19. Does your friend know Mary? Has she ever met her? Have you?

  20. A couple of answers for you:
    A lot of people have met Prince Fred and I have heard him speak. Our Lady has personally spent time with him especially on the day that ‘The Wife’ was introduced to him. On that day Prince Fred was introduced through an agency to many females considered appropriate by staff to fill ‘the job’ (As referred to by the Australian magazine, New Idea , in the July 8 2013 edition.). However, Prince Fred was talking with the woman he referred to as ‘The One’ and ignored all the young ladies from the agency who arrived for the interview. Unfortunate for Prince Fred ‘The Wife’ was the last on the list of screened possibilities, a selection he totally rejected. On that day Our Lady who looked similar to his previous girlfriend Danish model Kaitja, was already selected by Fred. Fred was keen for a female with similar features to Kaitja, but with out the stigma of being an lingerie model. Prince Fred discovered that Our Lady had ethics and morals which she held true. Our Lady accepted the proposal of marriage from Fred and Tasmanian gold digger new about it. Plus, she found out where Our Lady worked as a teacher in Sydney’s leading private school. An insurance director instructed his son to verbally abuse and throw an ink bottle at Our Lady in the class room in front of the entire class. .In addition to these and other actions directions were given to Our lady to forget ever having met Fred.

  21. Are there any photos of Fred and Gold Digger holding hands and looking at each other with love???
    Who is it in the insurance company that will gain for the connection with the Danish Royals? Why do they feel that your ‘Our Lady’ had to be silenced?

  22. Why are you disclosing this now? For what gain? Do you think or does your lady think Fred and Mary will divorce?

  23. Look I actually believe that much of what you are saying is true. However I dont think of the general population would if they had a chance to read or hear what you or Fred's former beloved had to say. People either love the fairytale or love to tease and criticise Mary - if the truth were to be disclosed, they could not do either.
    So I wish you and your friend all the very best and I do hope she is able to live happily and healthily from hereonin. Noone deserves to be tormented. And if Fred did genuinely love her and still does, he should do something about it. Others did, like Prince Charles.

  24. Fred will never divorce like Charles did.

    1. Cuz he's a spineless ninny with man boobs. He's got an addition to the lows of alcohol abuse and the highs of sports addiction. What a way to live a life of responsibility and priviledge. Frodo got problems and ain't no king material.

  25. Thursday 11th July
    Divorce you ask? As mentioned previously ‘Gold Digger’ is already talking of moving back to Australia. This possibly is a plan of hers to remove herself from the rigors of life under Denmark’s control. According to independent research you will find that Prince Fred had to construct an extra wing on the Royal Palace just for Mary. Placing her name Mary Donaldson’ in Wikipedia you’ll find that she has orders bestowed upon her from co-Masonic guilds. Hence the links to people who are able to orchestrate where and when Our Lady has employment of high ranking positions in tertiary education. Our Lady has these qualifications and is consistently knocked down by bullies known to Mary. Within the last two years, Vice Chancellor of Queensland QUT, Peter Coaldrake is linked to Marie Bashier, who is linked to Australia’s Governer General, Quentin Bryce and AMP Jack Ridge, who is connected to Mary. Mary also if necessary can call upon Westfield’s owner Frank Lowy and his St Vincent Hospital friends, and Neville Wran previous Labor Premier of NSW if Mary chooses for support in pulling some friendly, or nasty strings.
    Mary knows who to contact to pull the strings to keep Our Lady from achieving any career for which would fulfill her ambitions and skills as a woman of notability. Our Lady was introduced to an opportunity of moving to Queensland to remove herself from physical harm in NSW. Once in Brisbane difficulties emerged, including locating secure lodgings, to her personal items being ransacked and stolen and her car broken into. Even a photo of a previous thug associated to Mary’s friends was placed on her bed , this person Our Lady had not seen for seven years.
    Our Lady just wants to have a life where she can be free of being stalked and slandered from these bullies so she can participate in the career roles she feels comfortable and salvage any belongings from NSW. These bullies have commandeered her house attempting to bankrupt her. They aim to crush her financially and emotionally. . I have been following the events from a distance as I have seen the injustices Our Lady is experiencing. Police are unwilling to support as they are governed by chiefs who are told what to do and they know Mary personally through the sailing club that swapped Fred’s fiancée. !
    You want to know how far -fetched this story can seem – how insulting. The public has been kept in the dark like mushrooms as Mary does can not have the truth known. . ‘Gold Diggers’ allies are many in executive roles with connections that monitor Our Lady and try to cause her issue with law or justice by trumping up false allegations to wear her down.
    Our Lady has morals and ethics which will not permit her to have sex before marriage. These connections have paid people to severely assault her and some others who are Our Lady’s friends have been approached to do the same with the offer of cash. Each time this woman goes to authorities, they dismiss the allegations. These people receive the information sometimes , but do nothing other then write up fallacies to prohibit any investigation. Then a response from another area of the same authority is returned with a suggestion to contact another investigative body. The circle is continued and created to make Our Lady exhausted and just go away. But she has a right to live. I have too much information to place on this blog in one sitting. I am really keen for people to help research the links of who is involved with the names mentioned above. I could do it, however, you are able to find it yourself. You would be surprised as to what you can find out about Masonic, trade union and the other factions. Even the meaning of symbols on buildings will come clearer to you as you learn about secret and ‘friendly’ societies.
    I will return another night

  26. IF Mary was one of 20 on a list of suitable women for Fred, then why havent they been harassed like your friend? Surely someone would have said something by now.
    And how long was the relationship between Fred and your friend? So they met in January 2000, met again I presume at the Olympics. For how long did it go on?

  27. Oops, that's Jack Ritch of AMP, not Jack Ridge. I do understand that the truth is sometimes stranger then fiction...

    1. This is very interesting. It also explains why someone boring like Mary with her modest educational and professional background without any physical attractivity,charisma or any other special traits and who was kicked out of the Palace by Fred's mother back in 2001 forced Fred into marriage. Nonetheless, Fred is not the only one to whom this has happened. Did you know, that Spain's Crown Prince Felipe's ex-girlfriend Isabel Sartorius' home was put into fire by Spanish freemasons only few weeks before his pushed and surreal Engagement with Letizia had been announced? There are also examples of other Princes ...

  28. Why does it make sense that Mary was kicked out of the Palace if everyone wanted Fred to marry her?
    And Felipe looked very much in love at the time of his engagement so what did his previous girlfriend have to do with it? And why was letizia, a divorcee, been considered suitable.
    A proper explanation would be appreciated, thank you