Monday, June 17, 2013

A Tale of Two Brothers: Regal, Eloquent, Elegant Schackenborg Vs. Browbeaten, Mumbling, 'Regular Bloke' Derfie


On the one hand, there is the serenely elegant Prince Joachim, dedicated almost to a fault to royal duty and public representation, appropriately dressed in finely detailed but non-trendy suits, beautifully multilingual, and dedicated to finding a balance between royal duties, his dispersed but close family, and his agricultural obligations in the charming but far-flung provinces of southern Denmark. He's got his faults, but overall a solid man.
On the other hand, there is the down to earth smarm of Crown Prince Frederik, unlucky as it seems to have been born first, and as the more sensitive and emotional of the brothers. He is not well-spoken, still rather unwilling to address his future kingship, as demonstrated in his immature need to party regularly with the boys, attend Playboy events, flirt with busty blondes, prove 'I big boy!' with triathlons and biking challenges, and be browbeaten by his self-centred mother into marrying another self-centred browbeater. He's got his good points, but overall a poor future monarch.
Your choice, Denmark!

Inspiration revealed: they sent a blonde down the track to motivate Freddles to keep going!


  1. omfg, I can hear Fred saying "I big boy" in a four year old's high pitched squeal.. funny

  2. You are right. There is a big diference between this two. The Queen must decide, but as danish she will prefer tradition. Finally, the fact is: TRADITION Vs. SURVIVE OF MONARCHY. Choose DANES!

  3. I heard both brothers deliver speeches in English. What a big difference! I found myself struggle to understand what Fred was trying to say. If I were a Dane, I would be damned embarrassed by Fred and his skanky wife whenever they try to speak.

  4. Joachim is no angel either. I have friends in Copenhagen who have told me about some of his antics that haven't been reported on by the media and it makes my stomach turn. The entire DRF is messed up.

  5. I think that Daisy have chosen tradition in her head this is not even a question, and that Danes in near future with Freddles and MoreMore will choose to close down monarchy, we need worthy members of our royal family not freeloaders and jetsetters like fred and Yrma, right?

    1. I so agree. have also heard some nasty things about Joachim, though. I hope margrethe will live to be 150.

  6. Righ! But those two aren´t aware of the risk. Well, lets say good bye to monarchy here in 20 years.