Sunday, June 9, 2013

Royal Wedding in Sweden: Congratulations Princess Madeleine and Christopher O'Neill: Your Love Is Stronger Than Yrma's Ego and You Survived Your Party With Her Around!

"Oh, darling, remember last night when she got the presque-zizi caught up in the tablecloth?
Poor Fred!"

Lovely wedding this past Saturday in Stockholm. The king's youngest daughter Princess Madeleine, fourth in line for the Swedish throne, was married to British-born American businessman Christopher Paul O'Neill. You two crazy kids couldn't keep your paws off each other! Off you go to make some babies!

Happily, Madeleine had a loving groom, wonderful weather, a happy populace, a supportive family and posse of friends, and a beautiful Valentino gown, all to buffer herself from the obligation to invite weird Cousin Derfie and his ghastly wife Yrma La Douche, Countess of ute-shagging, Pony Club Starmakers. Dragging her husband's increasingly diminished and pixie-like carcass in front of the cameras, Yrma proved a horrid and ill-mannered guest, as the photos below prove. Her insecurity and vapid personality and lack of interest in others left her lost, dazed and beyond redemption in trying to be a part of the royal mob, especially notable on the top deck of the boat taking the wedding guests from the royal palace to Drottningholm Palace where the reception was held. Luckily, the many guests - several of whom are aristocrats from the groom's private sphere, unlike the ocker guests Mary invited to her own wedding - were able to screen Madde and Chris from the bogan in their midst in her raspberry-coloured, cheap lace sheath with nude peekaboo underlay and hideous sheer cape, reminiscent of polyester chiffon sarongs older women wear over their bathing suits to hide their cellulite, as well as reminiscent of some of Queen Sonja's most-noted, wing-armed fashion mistakes. Poor Madeleine - you can't choose your family, a lesson she knows well through her own brother's girlfriend. (Thank goodness for the delightful and well-behaved Princess Estelle!) Good luck setting up home in NYC and have fun being Mrs. O'Neill!

Health, wealth and happiness to the happy young couple!

Wedding Fashion Critiques: Go Fug Yourself

"Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! There they are! All my cameras!"

"Ah! Oh! Wha! Hey now! hahahahaha! Is it a liner, or is it SKIN?! Peekaboo! Wha hae!"

"You really can't tell. But you keep staring! Because I'M THAT SEXY."
That bump better not be the Miracle Triplets!

Taken seconds before her tongue reached out and slapped Fred for talking too long to a pretty blonde the previous night

The only one waving! 

"Oi! Fred MOVE GODDAMMIT. Wait you guys. Gotta get just the right angle. Oh, now, wait, I'm trying to manipulate the light so this turns out good. FRED, MOVE! This is the only way I'm useful!"

"Now what? Who can I talk to? Goddamn Marie keeps chatting up people SHE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW. Ho, yeah. Like that's appropriate! Valentino doesn't care, buttercup!"

Nice that American-born Kelly of Saxe-Coburg und Gotha has stayed down below away from participating in Mary's private freak show. As a fellow native English speaker, Kelly would be easy prey!

Mary off in the corner, poor Fred consoling himself with Tatiana while his love Vickan shows her husband tender affection.

Again, the only one waving! 

"Joizuz, you all get togeethah alreedy! Oi'm troiying to take a photie of youse!" to the sound of crickets.

Lovely Marie is being attended to by her doting husband and is interacting with the otherwise unescorted Best Man. Nice! No one ever figured out who Yrma was photographing! Psst, Marie, have Valentino give you some new frocks!

Fred to Pavlos: "See what I mean? This shit NEVER STOPS." 

Even media-savvy Marie-Chantal knows ridiculous overkill when she spots it! 

"GRAB MY HAND, FRED! GRAB IT! Ugh, FINE. I will hold yours." Careful, Mares! Iron thighs and delicate lace seaming don't go well together! Unless you're part of the Brazilian samba entertainment later in the evening.

Diminished and downcast, Madam retreats to her casket as the sun comes up.

How about a palate cleanser!!?

Yay! People in love starting a life together!

Yay! Beautiful children and a young doting family!

Yay! A woman who looks and dresses like a woman!

Yay! Calm, non-anxious, well-loved babies!

Photos: Pure People, Bekia, Ewa-Marie Rundquist, Andreas Rentz, Mattis Sandblad, Vittorio Zunino Celotto


  1. Welcome back, Cece. Spot on as always.


  2. Marie looked stunning. What the heck was up with Mary's hair? HIDEOUS! And don't get me started on that fucking cape.

  3. Cece, you just made our day at the office, we had great laugh after reading your comments to Madde's wedding. You are really spot on, thanks for being back you are our favorite blog to talk about over coffee in our breaks. We talked about Fred and MoreMore lokked really depressed in Church and like they even have stopped pretending even in public, they must have serious problems

  4. Good to see you back, Cece. Why was she waving like a maniac? In this bogan's twisted mind, she thinks everyone worships her and has not had enough of her wrinkled face.

  5. Welcome back Cece. You are my favourite blogger.

  6. Yrma's dreess is ugly, her tiara is ugly, her hair is ugly, her shoes are ugly. With all that money and such a bad taste! She looks ordinary, just as she is.

  7. Yrma is the worst. She is aging badly. I´m agree, the dress is awful and the shoes ¡horrendous!. I didn´t like the tiara either. Can you notice her nose? Is getting bigger, just like a needle pointing south (Tasmania)

  8. The most scary thing is yrma believed that she looked really good and rocked, and every peasant wanted a piece of her. She sucks big time.

    1. who are you all to always criticise MARY OF DANEMARK?????????????????????????
      ARE YOU PERFECT???????
      FOR GOD SAKE .LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. We are people just like you who see her for what she is ... a vain, vicious narcissist who will destroy her husband, her family, and the Danish monarchy. All that history down the tubes for a bogan. Sheeh!

  10. We care because this woman spend our tax money in her narcissist life, buying hundred of shoes, purses, coats, dresses, botox, travels around the world as a statue, changes our historical patrimony, uses our crown prince as her valet and CAN ´T EVEN SPEAK DANISHHHH!!!!!!!
    Aren´t these good reasons?

    1. Danish is a dreadful language, and so are you!

  11. This is so completely classless. Grown folk spending all this time and effort to make derogatory remarks about this woman. She is gorgeous, absolutely stunning, her children are stunning and from what I can see she isn't sleeping till noon each day. Looks to me like she is doing her job. Don't you guys think you have beaten this issue to the ground enough? And you have imagined her to have so much POWER as to be capable of destroying a monarchy?? Really? You guys need to move out of the smoke shack. You guys are sittng around smoking so much you have time to blow things out of proportion and imagine thm to be more dramatic than it really is. Grow up.

    1. Awww, frustrated housewife, much? So all Mary has to be is stunning and get up before lunch to be a hero? You must wear the same bogan goggles! Go back to sewing your daughter's chastity belts and keeping the cases of lite beer from your husband.

    2. I think Sarahew88 isn`t the frustrated housewife in this round..

  12. Let us never forget the following comment made by Mary of Denmark about the Danes, who gave her a sweet Prince, and lavishly feed, clothe, and house her:-

    "The Danes," she replied, "are, without a doubt, a little slow."

  13. Yrma is around again. How Sarahew88 says: "I can see she ( the idiot) isn´t sleeping till noon each day"? Because is an employee of the bitch or is the bitch herself. About "POWER", she doesn´t need power to destroy, she only has to be what she is: narcissist, selfish, egoist, spendthrift, and we will see how danes vote against monarchy and monarchy will ends. These aren´t times for luxury, these are times for solidarity . Yrma, the ordinary woman, can´t understand this. For Sarahew88, the children are "stunning". Are you sick? Look at Ingrid of Norway, look at the spanish infantitas, look at Amalia, Alexia and Ariane, those are beauties. Alexandra´s kids, Marie´s kids are cute, but our crown prince hasn´t pretty children, not because of him, but Donaldsons genes.

    1. You can't never reason with those fanatics of Yrma, can you? They just choose what they want to believe and attack the others who have great sense of not indulging in their delusion.