Thursday, June 13, 2013

Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others: Yrma La Douche Lives Up To Her Name During Continuation of Her Mid-Life Crisis Slumming On the Town, Breaking the Law, And Gettin' Away With It!

"omg, Caroline, what, wait, my jacket, hihi, you're so funny, omg, look that guy's flirting with me!"

Traffic tickets are for Danish plebs!! Eff youse!

First things first: whenever you see photos from Denmark between May and August and it's dark outside - it is SERIOUSLY early in the morning. Sun sets at 11pm and sunrises at 4:30am, uh, yeah, you better believe Madam was partying LATE. Look at her - drunk off her arse! Again!

Continuing on the heels of her late night boozefests out on the town with Fred's friends' wives, Crown Princess Napoleon Fail, aka Mary Boganson, seems to be slumming it royal-style by easing back into her chubster, ocker goodtime-gal self from the backdocks of Tasmania, while trying to bolster post-divorce support from her "girlfriends" but blowing it majorly by not being able to hold her liquor. That's no way to take control of the Animal Farm, MoreMore! You can do better than that - you got Ceaucescu's Elephant Order, after all! Tap into that!

Mary must be at Amalienborg for now (is Derf at Kancellihuset with the kids?), because last night, Mary went out with a more elegantly dressed Caroline Fleming, picking her up at the Hotel d'Angleterre nearby and then the two of them going to the restaurant Geist followed by having Mary's bodyguard snap their photie together. Why would you ride a bike to pick up a friend who isn't on a bike? Mary is really stupid.

Let's also not forget that Caroline is the woman who introduced Marie Cavallier to Prince Joachim. Perhaps Mary's looking for her own next toy boy and needs the hyper rich and well-connected Caroline to help in this endeavor? Please note that Caroline's last baby daddy was a footie star - maybe Mary really is coming full circle back to her underage Ryan O'Keefe of the Sydney Swans days!?

So Mary feels the changing winds and knows that she's walking a tightrope staying in the royal family with a husband who clearly can't stand her, and yet Madam's sense of entitlement and privilege continues unabated. It's pretty dumb PR to have the paps take photos of you to prove you have friends in the wake of a glorious Swedish wedding in which it didn't seem you have friends. If Mary really wanted to seal her fate as a permanent member of the royal family, she'd stopped looking for help with Fred's friends, and start doing smart PR such as showing solidarity with the Danes and at least riding a f*cking bike that has working lights and even wearing a helmet although that isn't required in DK. Anything to remind the Danes that you understand that you must be the example and that you understand that there's this little Euro zone crisis and everyone's feeling the pinch. You know, anti-More-y Antoinette stuff. Something to think about, sweetcheeks.

Article: Ekstra Bladet

Late last night Crown Princess Mary snuck through Copenhagen by bike without either her front or rear lights on, and without being stopped and fined - and this despite the fact that the Crown Princess had her own police protection close behind her.

Fortunately for Mary, it was only her own PET agent who followed after her as she stomped off into the darkness. And then he went his own way, just as illegally as the Danish crown princess.

It was for a girly evening in the company of Caroline Fleming, for which Mary late Wednesday jumped on her white lady bike and cycled from Amalienborg Palace.

The two friends who had been pampered for a few hours at the restaurant Geist, where they went unnoticed and had deep conversations.

Caroline Fleming currently resides at the newly renovated Hotel D'Angleterre, and Mary followed her swirly friend home before she headed for the palace.

Mary did not pedal much before she discovered that the dynamo lamp did not work. She stopped and tried to fix it but had to quickly give up and rode home in the dark.

If Mary had been stopped by the police, she would have due to her status as a royal escaped having to shell out for the offense. The rest of us would be 700 Danish tax kroner poorer.

"Eh, I'll have the butler fix it when I get home"

Home again, home again, jiggity jig!

Photos: Kenneth Meyer


  1. The guy taking the photo is the same guy following and protecting Mary

    1. She said that, you didn't read. Of course Mary wouldnt pose for a ordinary peasant.

  2. I think it is time for couples therapy for Fred and Yrma, this is going to blow up soon, if they want Xian to become King and not just another taxpayer they better pull togethers and start behaving like royalty we can respect....if it is not too late??

  3. Hahaha! I like how Caroline is leaning over for the bodyguard to take a picture of her even before Yrma la DOUCHE is ready. That tells me Mary isn't even respected and may be on her way out. It looks like one last pic with the "Crown princess" before she's a regular nobody again. Watch Caroline's FB page for the post that says "Here's me and Mary 3 days before she was kicked out on her ear! #goodluckinSydney"! ROFLMFAO

  4. Totally. staged.

    1. Agreed. It's just too bad that she didn't crash into a rubbish bin while trying to do the "I'm just innocently biking along" pose.

  5. The tone of the article is very interesting. It is not very complementary.

  6. She does whatever she wants. Fred doesn´t care, the queen doesn´t care, the danish taxpayers doesn´t care. One day the youth of Denmark will tell her: IS ENOUGH! It´s our hope. Meanwhile lets have fun with this idiot.

  7. Cycling in that hideous high heels, Madam la douche is as usual entertaining in her bogan way. She never disappoints her 'fans'.