Tuesday, June 4, 2013

'You Don't Give Up': Malcolm Brabant Back From the Brink: Survives Terrifying Poisoning Effects to Tell His Tale and Kick Big Pharma in Their Bloody Arse!

Board friend Malcolm Brabant's recent silence from reporting duties in Greece was noted earlier, and now has thoroughly been explained. Feeling much more sportif! now, the former BBC correspondent has authored a compelling e-book titled "Malcolm Is a Little Unwell" (Andartes Press) on the horrifying ordeal he went through after receiving a seemingly routine dose of Stamaril in April 2011. Stamaril is a yellow fever vaccine that he received before embarking for Ivory Coast. How come decent, hard-working people like Brabsie want to help in Africa and get punished for it while greedy slags like Mary don't? Argh.

Malcolm is husband to 1015 Copenhagen K author Trine Villemann and father to the handsome young Lukas, and he is back in Denmark with his family while they all recover from Malcolm's downward spiral into the Stamaril-enduced psychosis that followed the immunisation. Happily for him and for us, he has recovered enough to write a scathingly honest and often very funny memoir of the past couple of years, through his recovery and his attempts to nail Stamaril manufacturer Sanofi Pasteur in the nuts for what that vaccine did to him. In what might greatly interest readers here, the book has a hilarious chapter devoted to Malcolm's rather emotional reaction to watching the British royal wedding in 2011.

Please remember Malcolm Brabant's and Trine Villemann's good works and great support to our gang and show him the love and support they deserve by downloading a copy of "Malcolm Is a Little Unwell", which has just been published to critical acclaim on Amazon's sites. There is no hard copy of the book, you can download it to your Kindle, or with a free Kindle app, onto another smart device.

So glad to get your updates, Brabant Villemann family! And so very relieved that you are back on the road to health with your sense of humour intact, Malcolm! Stay strong to fight the good fight!

Article: The Telegraph (with links to Malcolm's e-petition and Amazon.co.uk for the e-book)

North American Bookseller: Amazon

British Bookseller: Amazon (with pop-up of samples from the first three chapters)

Photo: Clara Molden


  1. I bought, read, and enjoyed the eBook. I couldn't shut my laptop down!


  2. Thank you for posting about this ebook. I never would have heard about it otherwise. I downloaded it for reading. The samples given were too well-written to ignore.