Saturday, June 15, 2013

MeMeMeMeMe!: Ordinary Mary Wears Dirty Clothes To Be Centre of Attention at Bullying Relay


It's like the bogan equivalent of the Walk of Shame, when you have to walk home in the morning in your party clothes from the night before. One day after Yrma La Boganista pedaled home in front of the paps in the wee morning hours after having dinner with Caroline Fleming, the woman shows up in the exact same outfit that she wore out with Caro (and the same top she wore to watch kids wrap a pressie for her). Ew. Typical bogan grooming habits!

And my! Isn't our boganne stumpy! Look at the photie of her walking in heels next to a gorgeous blonde thoroughbred in flats whose legs are longer. Makes Mares look like a scabie mule on a working ranch! And the Nana Mouskouri nose is back! What a hybrid.

The event was a "Free From Bullying" rally, now an annual event in which every participant gets bullied by the Looker Me! appearance of the most narcissistic woman in the realm. 'Yay, everyone gets a trophy' events are as satisfying as Chinese food: you quickly realise that with everyone getting their little medal, they no longer are significant and therefore you really don't stand out as special. It's all smoke and mirrors with Mary Donaldson! She's the only one this event is designed to promote!

That's evidently why Xian and Izzy are excluded from this event despite being the right age to play - what young mother doesn't want to tire her kids out? - and needing interaction with normal, regular kids. Mary must shine, not her kiddos. Hopefully, they were with Fred and the Miracle Twins on a wonderful outdoors adventure for good bonding time with their one attentive parent.

**Edit: Xian was there with some teammates. No other bogan gargoyles were present as far as we can tell, however. Xian is still the favourite!

Photos: Katrine Emilie Andersen


  1. Appalling!!! First of all, Mary shouldn't be in jeans. I know this is an outdoor sporty event but as the head dignitary at this event Mary should at least wear a nice pair of khaki's as dress down wear-not jeans! Second, it disgusting that Mary coudn't bother changing her clothes from the night before. It's disgusting that she just rolled out of bed and threw on what she wore a few hours earlier boozing (or perhaps she slept in them?) Ew. And lastly, I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like the idea that everyone gets a prize for just showing up. I personally hate this. I have a box full of ribbons like this and I took them just to make the hosts of races I enter happy.

  2. I'm conflicted, in one way great she did not spend our taxmoney on a new outfit.....on the other hand really disgusting both her and Fred have a rather loose way seeing personal hygiene.
    Last week Billedbladet proudly annonced that Fred was only 28 minutes from a public event when he walked on the Amalienborg slots plads looking like a dirty homeless person and he still managed to shower, shave and change to suit......Well, not really look at the after photo at the event he clearly did not shower that day at all, could some of their overpaid stylists tell them about the cool thing called soap and water? Or did we just make 20 new bathrooms in their Amalienborg home for nothing?

  3. At least those have one thing in common: DIRT