Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bien Jouée!: Gentle Princess Marie at Moltke's Palace For the 2013 InnovationSTORM Prize: Looking Professional and Making the Event About the Victors!

Adorable, Happy, Professional!
Princess Marie is really stepping into her role as the second lady of Denmark, after Daisy. Madam La Comtesse des Pauvres seems to have had quite enough of little, cold Denmark and is setting her sights on international fame as an empty celebrity sell-out. Wha hae! What better timing for La Belle Marie to fill in for Danish-oriented charities, organisations and other worthy causes?
Yesterday, she showed up at Moltke's Palace in Copenhagen, not far from Amalienborg, to present the prize for the 2013 InnovationSTORM. She showed up in an all-black ensemble, a lovely dress with equally sober accessories, and hair up showing that she takes this event seriously, and doesn't put herself out first and foremost as a pin-up doll to be admired and fussed over. She awarded the main prize to Universal Robots, a Fyn-based company, for their innovative UR10 creation. Nice to send the smart princess to this event. Any woman who quotes Spinoza is who you want conversing with scientists!

With Education Minister Morten Østergaard on her right, and LIW Britt Siesbye in back

Such ease with shy flower girls! No manic smiling from this princess!



Photos: Claus Bjørn Larsen and "Agence Independente"!


  1. She is great! Better and better all the time. Professional with a focus on the event. Marge, take sharp notice. Your younger son picks better wives!

  2. What a class act. Genuine, pretty, down to earth, truly interested in the cause. What an amazing queen should would make. She attracts people to her because of her positive energy. Another danish princess repels people w her negative energy. Maybe Fred will pick more wisely the second time just like his brother did

  3. Marie serves no purpose to Denmark. Why is it OK for her and her husband to spend many weeks a year in France, but Mary gets thrown to the wolves when she is in a Australian magazine? There is such a double standard going on here-disturbing to say the least. Marie and her husband are a French couple that happened to live in Denmark-uselss.