Monday, September 16, 2013

Yrma at The Home Guard: Court Mandated Photo Session With Exclusive Court-Mandated PhotoShopping For Exclusive Release By the Court: BECAUSE THE GREY MEN CAN'T TRUST HER WITH TRUTHTELLERS!

"Check out this back side, huh, boys? Let this shot go round the world!"

Madam La Comtesse de Monpezat was a willing participant in a Home Guards exercise on Bornholm this past weekend. A very royal Danish endeavor not unlike Marie's service in the Fire Brigade, Mary typically wears emerald shaped diamond or coloured stone earrings and brings along Caroline Heering as her babysitter. Naturally, this was an event that only the court's photographer was authorised to photograph, which means that there will be heavy Photoshopping to create cheekbones, flawless skin, one helluva scouse brow (KATE subtext, s'il vous plait!), no under-eye circles, and to add curves to a manly body in a manly uniform (contrast to Marie in a uniform with curves that can't quit!). Tough gig for some poor flunkie in the palace basement who must work through his tears of pain from the Before shots! This is pure palace propoganda. Poor Daisy, she really doesn't have much else to work with in terms of her oldest son and his wife-bot-thinggie. No wonder Mary keeps herself occupied with The MeMeMeMeMe Fund, saving The Poors by photographing them in their natural habitat, and new celebrity-seeking endeavors such as the horridly named "Global Poverty Festival" that Madam has just recently gotten herself invited to in New York in another couple of weeks.

"Hi!!! I see you seeing me!!!!"

Photos: Jens-Erik Larsen


  1. Such a joke! This is supposed to be military training and Mary's smiling and laughing the whole time. You'd think she's out playing paintball for fun or speed boating. Whee! This boat ride is fun!


  2. Another disgusting photo shoot for the most beloved bogan in the world.

  3. Everything is artificial and false in this bogey. It's anything but princely!

  4. Ok, all I have to say about this bit of propaganda is that for a woman it is ridiculous to suit her up and pretend she has even the slightest interest in what she is doing or with whom. Don't get me wrong, I am not implying any sexist stereotypes, but if she really wants to improve her image, how about one of the following:
    1. how about going to your children's school and spending a day in the classroom assisting
    2. Going to visit the sick in hospice or hospital
    3. Helping out at a charitable organization for a day
    4. Follow Daisy's example and start inviting one of your citizens to dinner in your palace twice a month
    5. Go to the farflung regions of your soon to be kingdom and meet with the residents there

    The list could go on and on of decent things to do, however Mary does not have enough imagination or self direction to do the correct thing.
    There are 2 ways to go through life, Palm up(always looking for the almighty dollar) or palm down.

  5. You are right! These are new times for the monarchy as an institution. Yrma can´t understand that modern royals must work seriously or will be out of the game. Why is so hard for her to be concern about her roll in Denmark? I think Fred isn´t concern either, but he was and is her "teacher", but if he acts the way he does, what can we expect from her? You can analyze the work of Joachim with Alexandra and Marie: He did it right, just look at the results. Joachim was a good teacher for both women, Fred was´t for Yrma. I want to believe she was like wax at the beginning and could be modeled better. Now is late, soon she will be queen and we will have to say bye bye to our beloved monarchy.

    1. God Bless you Good Danish people

    2. You're right about Joachim as a good teacher to both wives, but then again, he was working with much better raw materials than Fred is. Mary's just RAW. She was never going to be modeled like clay - that was how she acted to get them to let her into their exclusive club. The real Mary is a nasty, ill-mannered bogan with an insatiable thirst for expensive luxury goods and positive Australian press.