Thursday, September 19, 2013

Contrast: Europe, The Week of 16 September 2013: The Yin Yang of The Slip Inn Curse: Leave Alone and Find Happiness Later Or Be Sucked Dry Forever By A Toxic One-Night Stand

One week in the life of some of Europe's crowned heads, all of whom are more or less the same age -  royal men and their beautiful, multilingual, loving partners at the peak of their lives in their early to mid 40s. Rejoice in their health, happiness and dedication to duty! Enjoy their relaxed, respectable styles, lovely manners and personal warmth! Breathe a sigh of relief that Europe's constitutional monarchies are in good, solid hands!







  1. Interesting contrasts in the photos. 99.9% of life is attitude.
    How did those two grow so distant? Do you ever get the sense that maybe Fred doesn't want to be king? Fred seems so sad and Joachim so happy. His actions look like he is sort of rebelling against his fate. And Mary has this determined look on her face while Marie seems at ease and relaxed. Maybe discussions are under way now. Something is going on there in Copenhagen
    And that dinner with the pomp and circumstance. How much did that set the taxpayers back?

    1. That is a very astute analysis and observations. If you watch the imbedded video in the State dinner blog, look at Fred's face from about the 21 minute mark on. It is one of complete disconnection, like he has done this a million times before and is so bored, and contrast to the look on Mary's face - resolute. Fred is like Willy of England, both have no interest is doing anything royal or what is expected of them due to their birthright. Willy will never be king and it is up to the Danish people to decide if things continue after Daisy.

  2. Do Letizia and Maxima shoplift expensive clothings like Mary does in the shops of Copenhague? Something does tell me that there will be republic of Spain the next day after that will ever happen, no? It is behaviour tolerated only by Danish people. Why good Danish people you do this? Vive Margrethe because Frederic will not work on the throne. Very bad indeed his sickness and sick wife.

  3. Happiness is a real beauty potion. I think Maxie and Willem are soul mates. Maxie seems to grow more beautiful w age. I bet shel'd be a fun person to know. Rumors are that Lettie and Felipe aren't doing so well right now. Who knows? Lettie hit the jackpot w her petite figure. Fred has probably struggled w depression before. Now maybe he thinks he really has something to be depressed about. Sometimes his eyes look red like he has been crying. Really I think if any country has ONE homeless person a monarchy should not be tolerated. That video showing the Vietnamese dinner was an eye opener. The wealth and privilege are mind boggling. The clothes jewels cars palace dinner extravagance bowing and scrapping of servants to mere humans (albeit rich humans) is over the top. If those people skipped that one dinner and donated the money they could help ease the pain for many unfortunate homeless handicapped sick dying or abused citizens of Denmark. For this reason alone monarchies are draining precious resources from their own people. Everyone's shit stinks the same. No human should be better than another just because they won the sperm lottery. Shouldn't people EARN an elevated position in society and share some of the goodiesvw those in pain? And I mean cold hard cash not poser handshakes and waves while wearing thousands of dollars of fashion and bling. No wonder the monarchies are worried ------ what an astoundingly luxurious gig to lose. Doesn't our world deserve more humanity and honesty?

  4. It is due to the poor breeding and greediness of the Donaldson's genes. Unlike Letizia and Maxima, Mares neither had a solid career before marriage nor travelled the world in her professional capacity. She has sucked the life out of Fred since he fall into the trap.