Monday, September 16, 2013

The Yrma Fund: Taking Only Deposits In The Mary Ego Account

"Me. This is my Sincere Look. Me me me. MeMeMeMeMe. No one else. Got it? I totally look like Kate, right?"

Another phony baloney, court-photographer-only, meeting of The Mary Fund in one of the more palatable rooms in the psychedelic palace at Amalienborg. This gal is being TIGHTLY controlled by the Grey Men. They know exactly who they are dealing with: a vacuous, narcisstic, tightly-wound publicity hound with nothing to offer. Not even the chairwoman of this tackily-named fund seemed to show up at this slide show meeting. These photies are to make you believe that Mary and Mary alone runs this show, and that it's more than just a front to get her invited to empty, global celebrity charity events (and act as a money filter for the ALERKA vaccuum) and invites back to Oz for Looker Me! Tours. This stupid chick will stop at nothing to get her ugly mug in the press, but she brings NOTHING to the table. Daisy, girl, I hope you are just giving her enough rope for her to hang herself!

Kate dress and Kate affectations!

A carefully choreographed photo to make you believe Mary runs the place and that everyone there is her lackey. Nuh-uh. She's controlled by having Caroline at her left, and Derfie's court marshal (the new Per the Hornet) Christian Schønau two down on her right. This is all styled for your consumption so you don't see that MADAM IS REALLY THE WORLD'S BIGGEST BOGAN!

Photos: Steen Brogaard


  1. Basically, the money given to this fund will be spent on promoting the bogan as a super skank saving the world and all expensive trips to show off herself at refugee camps.

  2. That´s how things are in Denmark. The crown prince more sportifff than ever and Yrma showing us who silly she is. Meanwhile, in Netherlands the king and the queen work together for their nation as in Belgium. Mathilde, Mette Marit or Letizia are working women. Our bitch is just a show-getting aging-idiot-woman.