Friday, September 6, 2013

Hmm: "Cooking" With Mary: In The Kitchen With Christian and Alexander: Whose Cooking Would Get Critiqued the Most!?

"Prince inviterer": Adam Price and Alexander Kølpin 

******Disclaimer: There is NO proof of any indiscretions on the part of Crown Princess Mary Boganson toward either the Minister or this noted Danish dancer. None. Zero. Zippo. Nada. But that doesn't mean we can't have fun based on Madam's recent interest in his dance exploits, does it? I mean, they must have great insights into Mary's new-found interest in culture and The Poors.******

There is a cute cookery show on Danish television called Price Inviterer, hosted alternately by brothers James and Adam Price. They invite different guests all of whom have a certain public profile in Denmark, and they "compete" by cooking a recipe for each other. The guest has to bring all of his or her own ingredients and equipment. Click on the link below to see the video (available until 5 October). Thought you'd enjoy a little time with a royal circle insider.

This episode was filmed in October 2012, but it was shown again on television last night. The guest is Alexander Kølpin, a noted Danish dancer, director and designer, and Official Friend of Frederik and Mary. Or maybe just of Mary now. Anyhoo, he made a spicy Cajun pork loin with brussels sprouts and bacon for the host, and Adam Price made pork gumbo for Alexander. The format is they talk while cooking, a little about what they're doing, and a little about the guest, and then they eat each other's dish and rate it. He's not the greatest food stylist, but he got an 8+ for his efforts, while giving a smiley-faced 9 to Adam's gumbo. He's been on cookery shows before, like Masterchef.

Madam does have a thing for men who can cook since by all accounts she can't even boil water. Somebody's got to feed the children. And the dancing connection between Alexander, Diana and Mary in Morocco is just too good for Madam to let go of.

But then again, Mary and Development Minister Christian Friis Bach were together again recently in Jordan, well after the ballet evening. Alex out, Christian back in? Such fun. Look at Mary's pursed mouth, the "chicken anus" mouth as Ekstra Bladet called it. She's got to talk over people and criticise even when others are doing. Frederik has complained about this, about what a critical bitch she is at home. And she still can't help but do it to Mr. Bach with whom she otherwise displays some very open, animalistic body language. Oh, Mary, you never disappoint!

Video: DR1/Price inviterer

"Which one of you lucky bastards will get to make my post-coital/-divorce, thimble-sized wheatgrass smoothies with diuretics and laxatives? Hm?"
Based on these photos from Mozambique in 2012, Mary likes to boss around in the kitchen, too. Never mind that she admits to knowing nothing about cooking. That never stopped Mary pontificating on unknown subjects before!



  1. Just out of interest, when has Fred criticised Mary as you say? Please provide particulars.

  2. Hah! These two blokes are out. James Packer is single! The richest man in Oz will be an irresistible catch for Mary. Fred, play your cards right and you could be rid of her and she'd be back in comfort in Australia in no time! I'm sure Denmark would happily pay her one way airfare. lololol

  3. Unfortunately for Mosh, she is just a rapidly-ageing, weird bogan in the eyes of James Packer. Only a week fool like Fred would marry her.