Saturday, September 7, 2013

Derfie Returns To Denmark From USA With Grey Beard And Newly Blackened Locks: Heads To House of Green Opening With Favourite Lady Minister

So the sporty Derf Man returned from his nearly two weeks in the US and yesterday opened the House of Green, a wonderful initiative that is a public place to explore sustainable solutions with regard to the environment, energy, climate, and water. Today he is due in Buenos Aires for the 125th IOC Session. His cousin and semi-friend Felipe will be there with his sexy wife. Last year at the Olympics in London, the three of them, with Joachim, Marie and Mette-Marit had a wonderful, Yrma-free chat that had them all looking so relaxed as if the past ten years of Madam had never happened.
Derfie's friend Environmental Minister Ida Auken was there! Derfie like Ida as you'll recall from the Finnish State Visit earlier this year. Ida had her baby and is back at work again. Novel!
Interestingly, Derf seems to have abandoned the JFK coiffure in favour of a more Roy Orbison look: shoe polish black. With his scraggly salt and pepper quasi-beard and sickened, miserable mien, the overall look is just awful. Is this supposed to be sexy, seduce the pretty young things or fool anyone?? Fred! The legal cards are in your court: dump the bitch! Just do it. Good god, man. Watching his rapid disintegration is so weird and ironic considering his recent Ironman feats. If two weeks sailing holiday and an event with a sexy minister aren't enough to make him feel more sportif! then we are heading down a scary path.


  1. It appears that his marriage to Mary is fine - regardless of their respective commitments. They were photographed very recently jogging together, she was wearing his wedding ring (on her middle finger) when he participated in the ironman comp, he put his arm over her shoulder affectionately when he finished etc. And he looks very well - healthy and happy. His hair does not look dyed to me.

  2. Yup. Pigs frequently fly over Danmark.

  3. Yep. And those pigs flying over Denmark are wearing their wedding rings - albeit on their middle finger

  4. Mary knows quite well that Fred has a tendency to lose his wedding ring when out on "sporty" adventures like that time he lost it diving in south Florida. That was the official explanation. Some say he lost it on the nightstand of a hotel spending sexy time with one of his honey girls. Mary keeps him on a very short leash and loves showing the world that she wears the pants.

  5. Those pigs flying over Denmark with their wedding rings on their middle fingers are flipping off the Danish taxpayers (with their ring fingers) who are paying for their free ride.

    BTW- Mary doesn't wear pants. She wears Spanx.