Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Psych!: Derf and Yrma Called Out On Their Horse Puckey Proclamations: Their Children ARE Being Raised By Nannies And What Was That Bit About Not Tolerating Infidelity?

The poor Heering children, Emilie and Rosemarie, are learning quickly that it's an Orwellian world in Denmark, where "not all animals are created equally".

EXCELLENT. Perfect Saint Mary and All 'Round Great Guy Frederik are being called out on their hypocritical and whiny, self-important bullsh*t.

Of course they have nannies. Maybe if Mary hadn't shocked her husband and the royal family with the twins implantation just to get an upper hand after her post-nup and Fred and Daisy's rumoured first steps toward a divorce, then two kids would be enough for them to take care of (mostly) by themselves. They travel. They're expected to be on the opposite side of the country from time to time. They can't be expected to be able to coordinate their schedule perfectly with each others, nor with their guests/hosts/patronages. Like most other busy, high-flying parents. Naturally they should have someone at the house to make dinner if Mummy is running later than expected, or read to the children and get them ready for bed. This makes sense even if Fred and Mary are in the house, but entertaining guests.

But they were fools to talk about how they would raise their children, who weren't even born yet at the time. Fred was dumb to whine about, boo-hoo, his inattentive parents who he practically never saw until he was 21 (subtext: Poor Me. God help Denmark: it still works in his favour). And Mary was a bigger fool to rattle on about how she would be a 100% mother while marrying someone who was 100% royal and a future king. She comes from the outside world, she should know that there is no such thing as "having it all", even if you have money and a country that will bend over for you for no good reason at all. Hell, she doesn't even like children or have a rapport with them!

Cheers to Her og Nu!

Article: Her og Nu

Mary and Frederik Left the Children to Nannies

Frederik and Mary have been away from their four children a lot over the past three weeks

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary's four children should be happy that they have as close a relationship with their nannies. For right now it is not much that the four royal tots can look to from their parents.

Princess Mary has just spent three days in Morocco to visit battered women , and last week she was on a four-day journey around the refugee camps in the Middle East. Meanwhile, father Frederik spent the last two weeks in the United States: first, he was a spectator at the America's Cup in San Francisco, and later he traveled to the east coast of the United States, where he participated in the world championship for Farr 40 boats. It was a 7 space.

So instead of getting good-night kisses from Mor and Far, Christian, 7, Isabella, 6, Josephine and Vincent, 2, had to settle for loving kisses on the forehead from their nannies.

Frederik and Mary have previously stated that their children not be brought up by nannies, as Frederik himself was.

"I grew up with nannies and governesses. I did not have much to do with my parents before I turned 21. When I was little, I was allowed to say goodnight to them, after I had been bathed and had my hair combed. And then I was put to bed. I still see my old nanny. She also helped at our wedding. But my children will certainly not grow up that way", Frederik has previously said to the American magazine Parade.

Crown Princess Mary, who herself grew up with a father and mother who took care of her and her siblings, has also said that she probably had to cope with the task of taking care of her children.

"I would consider myself to a pretty high degree as a working mother. But I will be one hundred percent mother. My children should not be brought up by nannies", said Princess Mary Politiken in 2004.

But the reality is different for the now quite large family in Frederik VIII's Palace at Amalienborg. For the many official events and trips that Frederik and Mary to attend, it is impossible to be full time parents, and therefore they resort to nannies to keep it all together.

The Crown Prince Couple has had children along on official travel. Among other times, in November 2011, the tour arrived in Australia and before Frederik and Mary held a private holiday in Melbourne and Tasmania, there were two weeks of official events. While Christian and Isabella only arrived for the private part of the trip, Vincent and Josephine were there the whole time. The twins were just 11 months old and it was too long for them to do without both mother and father. The Crown Prince and Crown Princess had, however, made ​​sure to have nannies, so they should not be around and at open exhibitions with children in her arms.

One must assume that the four children have become accustomed to being cared for by others. For it is not only in the official tours that Frederik and Mary have nannies. The royal couple have realised that it is quite convenient to have help when they are on holiday. So even when the royal family is completely private, there are people to take care of the kids. Like this, reality does not quite live up to the dream that Frederik and Mary had to be "ordinary parents".


  1. I beleive (for clarification purposes only) that the photo above is not very recent. Which leads to the question here .............why are these two hardly ever seen together lately??
    It's looking real obvious that something is off course (like their marriage)

  2. Observation: In many photos, Mary is sticking her nose wayyyyy up in air. I've seen people do that in movies and plays and maybe little kids do it in real life.But I've never seen an adult make that gesture in polite company. In her case, the gesture probably implies momentary insecurity- rather than what first comes to mind- which is arrogance. The ass extension gesture as seen in the photo above is hard to figure out? I haven't even seen that one in the movies. It's pretty funny, really. Any ideas on what the ass extension is about?
    Denmark-- we're really sorry. We know it's not what you were hoping for but sometimes shxt happens. And we're really sorry you have to actually PAY for that behavior. Still- try to think positive. Fred could hook up w/ a warm hearted buxom blonde who is second wife material and all your troubles would be over.....

  3. Hey Mary:
    There's two little kids in the row behind you who are watching your kids hold flowers and play with toys. Ever heard of S-H-A-R-I-N-G.

    1. Or asking the organizers to not give the children gifts. My god these kids are going to receive so many freebies in their lives, why pile on? Especially as you notice that Caroline's two girls don't get anything. Not a nice lesson to learn in "egalitarian" Denmark.

  4. This bogan never wants to be ordinary. In her twisted mind, she is a legend and icon adored by the whole world.