Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mary Poppins Christens New Mærsk Ship: Daisy Forces Freddles Out Of Bed To Attend Too: Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Was The Richest Man in Denmark, Gotta Keep His Family Happy!

"I am great, aren't I? I have no ability to detect politeness, you know, I'm a narcissist!"
Today, Yrma christened a new ship in the gigantic, worldwide Mærsk fleet. She was all gussied up in her Daisy-regulation Big Event gear: grand, brimmed hat, dress coat, gloves, and closed toe heels. Due to this being a Mærsk event, and knowing the importance of this family in the life of the royal family and in the life of Denmark, Daisy even had Derf's valet insert a steel rod in his back, dress him up and massage his cheeks into a quasi-smile to send him out as a signal by the royals of the importance of the event. Oh, and if some residual "we're so in love" photos between the two "lovebirds" come out of it, even better. Not that anyone is putting money on that anymore!
You're no Julie Andrews, Mary!!!




  1. On Royal Dish there is a picture that shows Mary's man stride. It looks like her Photoshop team stretched out her legs! All the guys legs look normal! Is she that vain? I think Yes!!!!!

  2. She looks at least 60 years old.

  3. Notice in the sixth photo where she and Fred are looking at each other face to face that her eyes look at him while his eyes look downward and will not meet her eyes. Mary he is your husband and he is not looking real happy- for quite awhile now. Can you reach out to him and help him thru his struggle whatever it may be. Beware. With that post nup you signed he can easily dump your ass and you'll have to go back to wearing plastic shoes and cheap I'll fitting clothes and carry tacky handbags and live with a roommate in a dumpy little house and cruise low scale bars w your pal Amber Betty

  4. Mary is so misguided and inept that you've got to feel sorry for her. I think she's skating on very thin ice w Derf and the Dais. She's on her way out. Good thing she loves Australia cause I think the grey suits are buying her a one way ticket. And she can sense it. That is the real reason she is acting more ghastly than usual lately. Quick Mary load up on the freebies while you still can!!!

  5. Why does CP Fred always look so unkempt? His hair looks uncombed, matter of fact, he needs a proper hair cut. Compared to the other men, his suit and tie looks ill fitting. And when looking at his face, Fred gives every impression that he just rolled out of bed.

    This man looks miserable despite the half smile on his face.

    1. Agree. Something is really hurting or bothering him. He looks depressed It seems the more depressed he looks the happier Joaquim and Marie look. Something is up there in Denmark. Time will tell.