Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Looker Me!: Yrma Tries To Play With Important People, Succeeds Only At Looking Out of Place

Preach, Sister Laura! 
The Princess is here, y'all! Holla! Poor Mary. No one cares! If only Hilary Mantel would let loose on the Danish Kate Middleton here at a UN International Conference on Global Economy as a guest of Development Cooperation Minister Christian Friis-Bach who made the welcoming speech. Mr. Friis-Bach has beenYrma La Douche just loves poor brown skinned people and wants to be their saviour. But little Mary Boganson was just a show pony here, and not a very good one. She learned nothing from Davos because a bogan narcissist cannot see other people to learn from and imitate. She showed up here in her "power suit" that was ruined by her showy plastic purple bag and inability to do much more than smile and look uncomfortable in the wake of no one being impressed with her.
No speaking engagement, no participation in a panel discussion, no Q&A time. With as many visits to Africa as she's made, this just proves that those have been visits that have mostly had a touristic or photographic advantage for Mary, throwing in some meetings with the locals to semi-justify the Mary Fund picking up the tab. She is nothing but an awkward presence with an uncanny ability to focus on not much more than the cameras recording the event. Just look at Mary below with poor Anthony Lake: she gives him her best overbearing grin and he can't even look her in the eye and turns awkwardly away, refusing to engage in conversation. That's our Mary! Alienating friends and making enemies all in the service of crown and country. Anthony is the Executive Director of UNICEF and is probably wondering what has become of that darling Princess Alexandra with the delightfully accented English and the UNICEF patronage. Those Schackenborg princesses so effortlessly have for the past 10 years made MoreMore look like less and lesser!
Yrma: "Party can start, I'm here! I've really made your day, haven't I?"

Yrma: "I can't wait to walk in and have everyone gasp with delight when they see me."

Yrma: "Christian, why aren't they gasping with delight? I'm giving this camera my best smile!"

Yrma: "Sooo nice for you to meet me, I'm sure. Thank God you speak English."

Yrma: "I don't know if you heard, but I'm the Crown Princess of this funny place."

Friis-Bach: "Mr. Lake, please accept my apologies for this thing here on my right."

Yrma: "I think that went really well! I kinda caught him in my web of charm, don't you think?"

Yrma: "Um, like, um, more people are coming to admire me, right?"

At the end, out of place and feeling awkward. Ex Chilean President Michelle Bachelet reconsiders her participation.
Photos: Jesper Sunesen, Billed Bladet


  1. Mary Donkeyson has no business being at this meeting ... it's exactly her kind that should NOT even be preaching about inequality ..
    STFU bitch! MARY DONKEYSON you are the worst example of inequality grabbing all the goodies with your greedy hands while the poor sleeps and eats garbage!
    Shut your stupid mouth Mary DONKEYSON and go plan your next Prada shopping trip.

  2. Where is Fred? again we ask where is Freddles ?
    Y'all see that?
    Mary can't stand being with grumpy Fred in public and Fred looks as equally miserable with famewhore Mary next to him ...
    But put Mary and Fred separately with other people and they light up!! they're thrilled to be away from each other.

    A minister has to take Fred's place ...and look at the chemistry between Mary and Michael Fassbender !! don't they look cosy? the smiles..the glances ...and Michael is with her quite a bit!

    keep flirting with other men Mary! have an affair Mary! we dare you bettch!
    Queen Margrethe will cut her down so fast Mary wouldn't know what hit her!

    ohhhh scandal coming on ....

  3. well Mary does need some action especially if Fred is neglecting her in bed. she's young and not dead yet and she wants some too just like any healthy woman!

    so if Fred can cheat why not Mary ? so I say go ahead Mary get yourself a good boner! and believe me plenty would line up to offer Mary a good banging! not because they like her but just because of who she is and who she married.

    happy bangin everybody!

    1. The bogan in nudity is a terrible sight and thought to speak of. I think few men on this planet will be brave, drunk and stoned enough to touch her. Only men who chase everything in skirts would sacrifice themselves.

    2. is this for real? Haha .. too funny!
      ok peeps ... the search is on for a good boner for Mary .. hehehe

      but but...
      I would warn her first ....
      careful there Mary ... play with fire and you will get burnt!

    3. well then! if boner afraid of Mary then miss Mary can order good vibrator online internet world wide web.
      Together vibrator and Mary will keep happy!

      thank you and

  4. yes me too noticed Mary's enthusiasm at meeting Prince Felipe last month. she was all happy and giggley and smiley.
    Mary very different, happy smiley with men who are not her husband !
    whats happening?

  5. if Mary has affairs she is finished! kaput! she is done!
    Then she will be nada nada nada nada nada going back to nada nada nada hobart!

  6. There you have this nobody woman, lucky married, trying to be someone in a world were she doesn´t fit. I feel very bad looking at her trying to be important (with nothing to say or show) in those meetings. She has no authentic compromise and that´s her problem and nobody can do anything about that. You born with sensibility or not, that´s it! This empty and conceited woman hurts the monarchy of Denmark.

  7. Mary would never cheat.
    1. She is too controlled and has for over 10 years played her hand too carefully to fuck it up now. Even with four little meal tickets.
    2. She's asexual IMVHO. She uses sexual charms to relate to men because that's the only currency she has to trade in. She ain't smart, she ain't clever, she has no personality or interests. Playing Miss Boo-boop-di-do cutesy-pie is all she's got.

    1. I very much agree with you, however, to take it further, I can't rule out Mary having an affair. She positively thrives on attention. Don't forget that she's a total narcissist and can't surpress or control that particular condition. It's all about Mary for Mary! Affairs would be hurtful for the men if they actually fall for her, because Mary won't leave Freddles voluntarily. She's sitting on the golden egg and would have to be extremely careful if she were to conduct an affair. But she'd probably be a very disappointing lover for all but the most blind and weak of men and the clock is ticking on her looks.

  8. I want Mary to have an affair! I think she's looking and ready for an affair! it's the only way to get her tranny ass fired from DRF .. !

    1. She is flirting so much with the minister!
      I also want her to have an affair so her marriage Can end

  9. second picture to the last..see how Mary and Michael are in their little own world just the two of them chatting by the corner. Mary acts very familiar with Michael like she's his other half rather than he's a Danish politician and she's Mary who is currently married!

    But somehow, don't think Fred would be bothered by Mary's flirting ...wouldn't be surprised if Fred thinks Mary looks rather childish and desperate pushing herself on others....He really doesn't give a damn anymore. Not enough to bother him. When nothing is there anymore why would you care if your spouse flirts up a storm? Fred doesn't care but Mary who has a lot to lose cares a great deal when her Hubby steps out on her ..

    1. I think if it goes on like this, the scandal is inevitable. It's just a matter of time.

    2. I agree! sometimes there's only so much Prada this and Prada that to keep anyone happy.
      No doubt Mary is eaten alive to the core Fred prefers other women. Mary's usefulness is done and her husband despises her

      ...time to start making her way to the Salamander market tasmania and set up a brothel there.
      Madame Mary ...head whore of the house! sounds good!

  10. I love your blog!
    I was wondering - which country dó You come from / live In?
    Keep up the Good work!

  11. everyone follow Laura K on twitter.I just did!!
    ..anyone who dares speak out against the fraud that's Mary deserves following ..
    Mary needs to toe the line and people like Laura K are not afraid to call her out.