Friday, October 11, 2013

Let's Talk About Sex, Baby: Mary and Mister Bach Meet Privately with Their High Level Task Force on Sexual and Reproductive Health: Can't Hide Guilty Looks!

Guilty! Pupils dilated and diverted, you can practically see their accelerated heart rates!

There's a new Sydney Morning Herald article appearing this weekend about Princess Mary and her great love Mr. Christian Friis Bach and how their chemistry is palpable and. Wait, no. That's not it. Got the notes mixed up here. Ok, let's start again.

Yesterday, Little Mary Boganson met her super-crush and Poverty Celebrity Facilitator (it says so on his business cards) Mr. Christian Friis Bach, otherwise known as elected Member of Parliament and Development Minister and Undiplomatic Refugee Discourager, and together they went to meet at Christiansborg Palace, heart of the government (careful, Mary! no politics!), to discuss women's sexual health and reproductive rights. One staged photo was allowed inside, only one photographer was called to record arrival and departure. Of course, nothing was going on. It's all legit, people. It looks like Mary is deliberately thumbing her nose at Daisy and the no-politics rule that royals are to obey, but that's not what's going on, Mary is just super concerned about her ability to have however many baby gargoyles she needs to secure her position and likes to get close to Mister B because he's got that dopey schoolboy charm that dumb Fred used to have before he got over her and she likes to say naughty, body-part words in legitimate conversation because when you engage in foreplay in front of people it's not foreplay women's rights around the world blah blah poverty is bad. Rich sauce from a woman who will happily incubate more and more tiny bogan-doodles in order to keep a psychodelic roof over her head - and all at taxpayers expense! Who's the real welfare queen now?

Oh, and nothing is going on with her and Mister B because CFB brought his gorgeous wife to Daisy's party for the Vietnamese president not long ago because, impossible. JUST LOOK THE OTHER WAY PLEASE THANKYOU. Alright? It's about The Poors. Yeah, let's go with that. (For the record, there is no way CFB is banging Madam. They are both in this for other things, but do seem to have a thing for each other. CFB wouldn't act on it, but MoreMore would if given the chance. She is proving herself to be that stupid.)


Photos: Sex og Samfund


  1. She's pretty lit up around him.

  2. There is definite chemistry between them and they both look as guilty as hell. Mary is wearing a full face of makeup, blowdry and F- me heels, and it's sure not for the dweeby guy sitting on her right! Agree about the dilated pupils Cece. Old Yeller is stage managing this beautifully. Whoever knew the old gal had it in her.

  3. Indeed. It even looks like he's gained weight for her. He's gotten a rugby neck! Makes the bull neck look swanlike! No wonder she's hot for him - he makes her look feminine!

    Daisy knows what she's doing.

  4. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark...... Daisy, how is your nose?