Sunday, October 27, 2013

Looker MeMeMeMeMe! Tour #8,503, Days Three and Four: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

"Uh, why am I being ignored? What just happened? How is Fred suddenly the most charming of us two? Why aren't people paying attention to me? I AM CONFUSED."
Sad little outing for Mary at the Alannah and Madeline Foundation today. Then one all about twins rights or some such bull hokey. Ostensibly. This is still The Mary Show. Not for Denmark, not for Australia. Not for twins, nor for children. Everyone and everything is a prop. A motherfucking prop. Even Fred. But Fred knows it, and he knows now to just let this all play out for Mary to take centre stage. This could play very well into his hands. Fred and Daisy must play the long game. Mary is only concerned about now and herself.
For Mary to make sure Lene Balleby (the palace PR flunkie who is in Oz with the couple, as you will see from the Sunday's photies) has sent out all the proper signals to the Aussies on the ground to buy plenty of flowers, make sure the paper Dannebrog flags that were loaded up onto the plane in Copenhagen are distributed to every stop's rent-a-crowd. You know, to give the Danish audience back home the idea that every single Australian is always ready to greet Princess Mazza with the orchids and Danish flags that they have hanging around the house, or that they can buy at the corner market as soon as they hear that this dainty, humble, precious creature is in town. Even when their house is a smoldering pile of ash. Because that's how loved the Danish crown princess really is. Oh, Danish media! Oh, Mary's PR team! The stupid! It burns!
Because yes, Mary cut short Saturday's activities - which weren't going well anyway being with children types - in order to re-group and pow-wow with the team on how to get their arses over to the fire zone and be what even Diana couldn't be: Saviour of NSW Families. It's all so bloody cynical, and yet it's all so fucking true. But that's our Mary, Narcissist Extraordinaire!
So Sunday before the Opera House celebrations - pretty low key looking at most of the assembly sitting on Opera steps, or in plastic chairs, all in fairly casual clothing - Mary and Fred went north of Sydney to a fire zone a couple of hours after Lene and crew (maybe even including Amber for some extra cash?) went up there to hand out Danish flags and some boxed flowers (orchids are Madam's favourite) and get someone to start a big "Hip Hip Hooray" for Princess Mary. Not even fucking Derfie. Joizus. What a nasty circus. Then Mary is ugly and self involved enough to tell everyone that she was happy that she could bring a smile to their faces. Holy scuzballs. If this weren't actually true, and something that someone had made up, you'd think it were a lie, it's so grotesque and disgusting and vile and revolting and absolutely reprehensible. But truth is stranger than fiction, and Mary is stranger than most people, so there you have it. A total, absolute nutcase is what Mary is showing the world (or the teensiest percentage of the world who gets these news stories) she really is.




Sunday, 27 October







  1. In photo 9 she can't lift her eyebrows. Frozen like upper her lip. She really doesnt need to paralyze her face. She looks fone without it. Why do her siblings get photo ops on one of her official visits? That is tasteless. The white lab coat she wears in the last photos is 5 sizes too big.

  2. Forget how she looks: Spaz and Maz are lousy ambassadors for Denmark. This is a made up trip with made up events that mean nothing for 2 people who are completely, utterly irrelevant. I suppose it would be better if there were something between their ears, but nope, genetics was not that kind.

  3. No, Cece, you can't make this stuff up. That's the sad part, you're just stating the facts.

  4. What a beautiful lady!

    1. The blind can´t opine here!
      In this visit, more than ever, she looks false, ridiculous, good for nothing and badly dressed. Those nude shoes with trimmings doesn´t match with that dress and her coat belongs to queen Margrethe. She looks like an ugly stepmother. Her "visit" is useless for the taxpayers. The poor crown prince´s hair looks like a mop...well, not only his hair...

  5. All Donaldson women are unattractive. The other two look so rough and dry and come from a true bogan stock.

  6. Anonymous, don´t you realise you have a huge mental problem?!

  7. I cant stand that woman. I am sure someone else choses her clothes. She has no style at all.
    And look at her teeths - the are too white, it is unnatural. It looks fake.
    Please stay in Australia, then you dont have to pretend that you speak danish at home.
    Wake up Denmark and queen Margrethe!

  8. This stupid Mary ashamed me. She can´t speak Danish !!!! I can´t understand her Danish when she talks. She was in Aarhus and I couldn´t understand a word, believe me!

  9. Who understands danish I ask?

  10. Why is Mary the first person in the video shaking hands with people? she's NOT the most senior or most important person: Frederik is. Protocolarly, it's Frederik who should be greeting first.

  11. Her sisters are ugly. Like her.