Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sportif!: Widdle Fweddles Go To Lifuania, Meet Big Bwonde Wady, Wook Bwoodshot In Da Eyes: Hep Me!

First, the good news. Derf is working! OK, so it was a football game in Esbjerg the other day, and today a visit to the very blonde-heavy country of Lithuania on an economic mission, but he's on official parade and in a suit and tie and standing upright without visible support. So, good, right? Good-ish?

The bad news. Derf has been bloodshot for months or years now and coupled with the scraggly beard, the look of fear in his eyes and the general "I don't really want to be here unless it involves blondes, beer or sports" look he has also been sporting for quite a while now, he looks like a (barely) functioning alcoholic. If he's not an actual alcoholic, then he's drinking too many beers. How else explain a body that can participate in an Ironman competition while still carrying a spare tire and man boobs? That's too many carbs. Get some help, Fred.

Press Release: The President of the Republic of Lithuania

Video: Kongehuset

Denmark - a reliable economic partner of Lithuania

Tuesday, October 8, Vilnius - President Dalia Grybauskaitė met with Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark who arrived on his first official visit to Lithuania. The entourage of Prince Frederik includes the Danish ministers for the environment, energy and building, as well as a special business delegation of representatives from 22 Danish companies whose mission is to strengthen economic ties between Lithuania and Denmark and to open up new opportunities for business cooperation.
"Denmark is not only a strong supporter of Lithuanian independence providing from the very beginning sincere assistance to re-independent Baltic States. Denmark is a reliable economic partner of Lithuania, always committed to maintaining civilized and ethical business relationship. I am delighted that a mounting number of Danish businesses choose Lithuania. This serves to promote economic growth and job creation, and offers new market opportunities to Lithuania," the President said.
Denmark is Lithuania's twelfth largest export market and seventh biggest investor. 254 Danish companies operate here. Its direct investments in our country account for approximately 1.68 bn. litas. Danish businesses have implemented 18 major investment projects and created over 2,000 new jobs in Lithuania.
Based on a survey conducted by the Copenhagen Business School, the majority of Danish entrepreneurs choose Lithuania for educated and highly qualified employees, strategic geographical position, good infrastructure, and low operation costs.
According to the President, research, innovation, bio-technologies and communications are particularly perspective spheres of Lithuania-Denmark cooperation. Lithuania has the fastest broadband Internet, Lithuanian lasers make up 10 percent of all lasers globally used for research purposes.
Among the other topics discussed at the meeting was collaboration in energy sphere. Denmark, according to the President, is an example how to manage the energy sector in a transparent, innovative and effective manner, ensure a competitive energy market while retaining the state ownership of major energy companies, and how to diversify energy supplies. The President further underlined that energy security and common EU position in dealing with external energy suppliers was on top of Lithuania's and the EU's list of priorities.
The President and the Crown Prince also exchanged views on the Nordic-Baltic cooperation as well as issues of importance to the EU and NATO. Dalia Grybauskaitė thanked Denmark for its support to the Lithuanian Presidency of the EU Council. Denmark has held seven rotating EU presidencies and its experience and assistance are very important for Lithuania.
During the discussion on bilateral cultural cooperation, the President remembered the Nordic Midsummer celebration held on the initiative of Nordic Embassies this past June in Lithuania.
Tomorrow, October 9, at 9:00 a.m., the President together with Prince Frederik will open a bilateral business forum, with 230 representatives from Lithuanian and Danish enterprises expected to participate.


Photos: Press Service of the President of Lithuania; Christian Meyer, Kongehuset


  1. There is a real sadness in the Crown Prince's eyes.

  2. We can only speculate. There is a type of depression called SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. Its a seasonal depression that usually is the worst in the fall and winter during the coldest and darkest months. One of the treatments is UV light and in Sweden they actually have "light cafes" for this. Does he look happier in spring and summer? I don't know. One things for sure from second and the fourth from last two photos he sure looks happy. Young blondes and bikes- just a normal guy enjoying the good things in life

  3. Fred is perfect in any sportive activities. Let him be!!!
    Yes, he looks sad...

  4. Haha! Looks like Fred used up his three wishes with a genie and is saying, yes, she's blonde, yes, she's busty, yes, she's not Mary, but I forgot to specify younger than 50! At least he gets to ride a bike if not a stone cold fox! Haha!