Thursday, October 10, 2013

Prince Henrik Takes the Elder Schackenborg Boys on a Tour of a Military History Site: Inculcating "Les Préférables" in Denmark's History

Continuing their royal and media training at Grandpapa's side, Princes Nikolai and Felix were treated Wednesday afternoon to a visit to Fort Garderhøj. Visitors can experience the history and effects of a soldier's life on their own body, by playing soldier in the impressive fortification work in Gentofte. And it is clear to see that Grandpapa and les petits princes were having a great time. Henrik may be a crappy dog owner, but he is a doting, loving grandfather who takes his job seriously, and helps to raise his grandchildren (with Joachim's help and not really Fred's) to be comfortable with their public profile, their country's history and culture, and good manners for everyone, including being responsible for creating joy at all occasions. A lesson Crazy Auntie Mary has yet to learn!

Photos: Keld Navntoft

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