Monday, October 7, 2013

Pre-Oz, Harry WHO? PR Campaign: Princess Yrma Takes Four Kids (Two of Which Are Hers) To The Theatre With DRF Elephant-Hungry Fritz Schur

"You're my favourite! As if the clothing symbolism didn't tell you already!"

In the wake of Prince Harry's incredibly successful visit to Sydney last weekend for the 100th anniversary of the Royal Navy, Yrma took her two oldest kids to the Glass Hall Theatre at Tivoli in a futile attempt to metaphorically put her fingers in both ears and say, "lalalalalalalala!" Madam is anticipating that Sydney will put together an even bigger and better production for the 40th anniversary of the Opera House now that they see how lacklustre Harry's visit was. Mary is nothing but charitable in her evaluations of her Australian hosts/clients. Until they don't deliver.
So, needing some warm "children's princess"/"engaged, loving mother" publicity, MoreMore took What'shisface and What'shername as she fondly refers to Xian and Izzy, to the theatre with a couple of little girlfriends. At least, we hope these are friends, and not just two cute kids picked up off the street by Mary's goons to pretend to be friends with her kids! They all headed to Tivoli to see the production of El Dorado, the story of the hunt for gold, a metaphor for life's holy grail. Hm, how does that sound like a familiar plotline for Madam?
So not only do we have the ultimate gold-digger watching a show about gold-digging, but she is doing it with the ultimate gold nugget amongst Danish businessmen, Fritz Schur. This charming queen is making it his detiny to be the second non-nobleman to receive the Order of the Elephant (Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller was the first). He is the CEO of DONG Energy and hosts Daisy and Henrik at an annual party at his luxurious Klampenborg home as well as other shindigs, and hosts Henrik for other things (I wrote that last bit seriously because it's a myriad of things, but yeah, maybe that, too). He's been to Tivoli with Mary and the kids before, but that was immediately after the announcement of the Miracle Twins when Daisy and Fred just couldn't. At least Izzy didn't get flowers this time!
So the question becomes, did Daisy send ol' Fritz out to be Mary's latest minder and report back on the proceedings and conversation (maybe with the aid of two little spies, out of the mouths of babes so they say)? Or did Mary invite this family friend to try and see what she could sluurrrrrrrp up in an extra divorce settlement, outside of the restrictive post-nup? Poor Fritz quickly learned the downfalls of hitting the town with children and a bogan: he lost prime seating in the theatre! Don't expect Mary to demand her children sit in a way that prioritises a guest and friend!
Meanwhile, Izzy is in a gray (of course) coat that is cute, but so big that she'll be wearing it for the next three winters (more money for mummy's foreign shopping trips), and shoes that are so big, that the poor thing is having to jump to keep them on her feet! It's bad enough her pretty hair is in her face (again)! Thank goodness that she is so very pretty, really blossoming, and all daddy, down to a certain social sangfroid, despite the lack of positive attention from her mother. Contrast cool Izzy to fidgety Christian who gets all of MoreMore's attention. Funny how nature can fight nurture hard on several levels. Izzy's royal genes instinctively know how to kick in and help her poor brother, and keep a polite distance from her poor mother.

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"Sparky, Photoshop my face onto all of Harry's walkabout photies and send it out the day after the Opera House gig!"

Photos: Bo Nymann


  1. It is so disgusting that the children were instructed to bow down before that skanky bogan and her brats. Why did people sink so low?

    1. Are you kidding me? Having children bow to children. Now I have seen it all.
      Absolutely disgraceful.

  2. Isabella's coat is too big for her - look at the sleeves! Probably because she'll have to wear it for the next 4/5 years...Unlike Mommie Dearest, worn once/twice then she buys a brand new one!

  3. Izzy has problems, she can´t behave herself in public. Her outfit is horrible, the dress is ugly and too dark for a girl that age, and her hair is always a mess. "Mary the ordinary" o "Ordimary" looks like a black widow spider. Xian´s jacket is too small. I hate the children bow, I don´t like the bow, is disgusting!!!!

  4. I note that the other children are walking calmly. ;-)