Monday, October 21, 2013

Daisy Visits St. Alban's English Church in Copenhagen: Ostensibly to Celebrate Their Building Restoration, Actually to Exorcise the Slurpppppson Demons

"Er, um, yes, well, right so, quite, well done, I suppose, yes, by jove, er, um, Darling?"
Well, if someone's going to get anything done in royal Denmark, it's up to the 73 year old, ailing queen. Henrik's off to Montreal to sell his swill, Fred's stuck to the floor of his dressing room with his valet trying to pneumatically remove the seal of the dried saliva connecting the wood floor to his mouth. Mary's off pilfering Copenhagen's finest boutiques so she'll have new frocks to wear in Australia, and the Schackenborgs have no doubt retreated to their quiet haven in the farthest reaches of the kingdom to continue teaching their children manners and reading skills (yay, lille Henrik! You can already read!).
So on the eve of Madam La Boganne's Looker Me! Tour #4,562 whereby the daughter-in-law from hell is essentially sitting in for Cousin Lillibet who inaugurated the Sydney Opera House in 1973, Daisy is taking extreme action. She has coordinated with the Bishop of the Anglican Church in Copenhagen to rid the country and their little parish of the Presbyterian, Pictish demons haunting both Daisy's royal thinggie and the British Royal Family's Australian thinggie. Granted, Daisy's British cousins don't have much longer down under, but why go out on such a sour note with Boganson hands out waiting for favours? But since everything came to such a strange and ugly head back in March 2012 when Mary's parents, the Sluuurrrrrrrrrrpsons, left their converted goat barn avec satellite dish in the shadow of the Chateau de Cayx and arrived at St. Alban's in order to be pulled from the crowds by court gray men in order to meet the Prince of Wales and his wife, then Daisy knew something had to be done. Mazza was flying high from the birth of the Miracle Twins and hadn't yet been subdued by Derfie's infidelity on the eve of the christening in April.
How grotesque and completely not at all comme il faut for Mary to slip her strange slurping parents into the spotlight. Sister had gotten too big for her Louboutins. Daisy knew well to strike not immediately after that March 2012 tragedy, which was the final straw in a series of gate-crashing incidents Jock 'Half-Mast' Donaldson and the Dumpling have participated in. Timed to proceed this next Looker Me! Tour, the juju should keep the Boganson spirits from haunting the DRF while Mary and Fred's carcass are soon in Sydney. Thanks, too, to Cousin Charles for agreeing to hold little George's christening just before the tour begins. Best of luck to all those in Oz affected by the recent wildfires, aka, devil revelry on the cusp of Maz's arrival for more Aussie publicity. Daisy will surely send a gift basket to the Anglican Archibishop in Australia to try to keep thattie in check. With Madam, she'll think the entire country has set up celebratory bonfires for her arrival back "home".
(If you'd like to be different from Mary and actually give a donation to help the Bushfire Appeal, please click here.)
Article: Billed Bladet
Queen Margrethe At Evensong
Queen Margrethe inaugurated the newly restored Anglican Church at Churchill Park in Copenhagen, and participated in the traditional Evensong.

It was an enthusiastic Queen Margrethe, who on Sunday afternoon arrived at 4:04 at St. Alban's Church, where restoration of the Anglican Church was celebrated.
The day marked the completion of the restoration work, which recently was conducted in the church , and so the queen came to participate in the so-called evensong.
The pulpit, altar and baptismal font in particular have undergone restoration, and was all that the Queen had occasion to look at when first she came in - after being received by Bishop Dr. Geoffrey Rowel and priests Jonathan Lloyd and Ulla Monberg.
Evensong, which means vespers and is still in reserve in the Church of England, consists of one or more David hymns, the Song of Mary and the Song of Simeon.
After the ceremony, which took about an hour, the Queen also signed the church's guest book - which in 1887 was first signed by Prince Edward and Princess Alexandra (born a princess of Denmark) in connection with the church's consecration.

Thanking Bishop Dr. Goeffrey Rowel

Lovely church!

Amalienborg is just to the south of this aerial photo

Colour was restored to the stained glass windows in 2011

When Charles and Camilla were in Denmark to celebrate the Queen's (QEII) 60th Jubliee, they met Danish and Danish-based WWII veterans after church. What fine heroes!

D'oh! Then the furry, badly-dentured marsh people from Scotland's north shore presented themselves!

Look at Christian Eugen-Olsen pulling Camilla toward this strange couple on Mary's orders!

Camilla is a pro turning on a quick smile ...

...but keeps her distance. Good instincts, Cam!

There they are in the background with Daisy's master of ceremonies!
Hm, wonder if putting the Sluuuurrrrrrrppsons up front is why Christian Eugen-Olsen is the former master of ceremonies?

"Aye! While no one's looking, I'll throw some dirt, too, make it look like I'm on the A Team!"

"We are so IN."

Photos: Anita Wales, Krestine Havemann (Daisy); Hasse Ferrold, Keld Navntoft/Scanpix (Slurpsons)


  1. What do you expect from the Donaldsons from Tassie? They are of poor breeding. However, it could only happen in Denmark and get praised by the deluded Danish media? What a sick joke!

  2. I can´t remember Diana´s father in any official public act with her (he was a royal himself). I haven´t seen Kate´s father in her daughter official visits. Same with Mette Marit relatives or Daniel Westling parents. What happens here? Why John Donaldson has "royal rights"? He is so bad looking and his wife is so nosy...
    The queen must do something, because this is disgusting... !

    1. I think Mette Marit's mother got a freebie trip when MM was in Paris for some official functions a few months back. These two commoners-turned-royals always have hangers-on from their own families, but the donaldsons are always in your face and much more obnoxious.

    2. Well, I said a can´t remember, but if you say so is very sad. Anyways, probably they did once, but the Donaldson´s do it all the time...

  3. Haha .. Mary didn't do squat to help Australia after the previous bushfires or the flooding from back yonder. Nothing! She won't do anything this time either. Her agenda is to go to a jewelry store opening, the opera house party and a nasty town for the Alannah and Madeline FOundation. That is the group she'll be president of after she lands back in Oz post-divorce!!! The Bogansons will be all over this visit. Look for them in the background like Jane was during the first tour. Remember when Patty and her gargoyles greeted the Galathea? Jeez, this family is something else!

  4. That top picture is so funny because look at Camilla's clenched jaw. I think she bloody well knows the score on Mary's family. The day before Mary was a freakazoid with Cam at the film set trying to get them to give her a stupid jumper and acting like a spoiled child. I reckon Camilla instinctively knows that Mary is no good.

  5. Seriously I hope karma bites you soon for all these vile comments! People's homes, livelihoods and lives are lost in these bush fires that is still raging on and you call it devil revelry?

    1. Hey, you don´t understand anything because you are not Danish, but how you will feel if your "crown princess" can´t speak your language after twelve years here and spend your money in shoes, dresses, purses, jewelry, (all from designers) and give you lessons about poverty? What about if she (as Diana did) auction her clothes (in Australia, of course) to help those people? Mary has no ideas of how to help people. She is in two words: insensitive and superficial. But also she is an idiot (look what idiot means in antique Greek). Maxima is my favorite, she speaks Dutch well and is kind and genuine.

    2. How would it reflect on the Danish people if your "crown princess" whilst representing you doesn't wear designer gear and look scruffy and cheap? Gotta pay for the upkeep of your representatives if you want people to have a good impression of your country or maybe Danes really are cheap after all?

    3. Amber, is that you? Or is that Jane? Patty? You just don't get the joke, do you? So sad.

    4. Australians (ugly Patty, ugly Jane, ugliest Amber): You don´t have to pay 15.000 DKK for a pair of shoes to have style! Our queen doesn´t buy from designers and has style. Here in Denmark, being a crown princess is a job, a profession, not a Miss Best Dressed pageant Our queen never was in Vanity Fair best dressed women list, but speaks five languages (Danish, French, English, Swedish and German), is an internationally recognized artist as costume designer, painter, sculptor; also plays piano, translated the work of Tolkien and made drawings of The Lord of the Rings for de Danish edition. You see australians why we are proud of our Queen and hate your ORDImary? We have 100.000 years here and you don´t have more than a 100 years there, starting as a British prison. Can you see the difference? Don´t ever repeat we are cheap you rude people! Read about us idiots and learn who we are. I remember stupid Mary saying to a journalist she doesn´t know much about Denmark even she was dating our prince. You see? she was and still ignorant of who we are as a nation, as a country, and can´t learn danish after twelve years here! Shall I be proud of a a woman like this? Who says she "represents us"? I don´t feel represented for this stupid. I feel represented for the talent of Margrethe II, Queen of Denmark!

    5. One day the Christian Andersen fairytale will revenge us. A designer will sell Yrma an outfit just like "The new clothe´s of the emperor" and we are going to laugh a lot!

  6. Actually, I'd prefer that karma bite Maz for coming to Australia and taking time and manpower away from the fires. Shame on her ... but I suppose the circus must go on. Stupid, silly woman!

    1. How is she taking time and manpower away from the fires? She might take FOCUS away from the fires but i seriously doubt all those firemen will drop tool when they hear she's in town. Typical tall poppy syndrome!