Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Queen of Deception: Trine Villemann's Fabulous Poison Pen Recounts the Tale of "Crown Prince Franz" in an "Anonymous" Kingdom in Northern Europe: All Characters in This Story MAYBE MIGHT MAY Be Based on Actual Persons: You Decide, Dear Readers

Our friend Trine Villemann is at it again! Her novel Queen of Deception is now out as an e-book, available via Amazon through a Kindle device or Kindle app. Click on the Amazon link to purchase, or for a free sneak peek through part of Chapter 3!

(Don't have a Kindle reader, you say? No problem! If you have a smart phone or tablet or PC, you can download the free Kindle app. Takes two seconds. From there, you can purchase an e-book that will be downloaded directly - wireless! - to the Kindle app for your reading pleasure.)

The story may (MAY) seem somewhat kinda familiar to you if you've been following this blog and/or Royal Dish for a while. Something about a spineless jelly fish whose mother is queen and spins some lies to keep up appearances which might normally be harmless as it's mostly all about the theatre of royal public life but then it hits our widdle protagonist hard in the gut causing severe pain that he is unable to treat either because he won't speak up and/or some weird macho can't-show-weakness thing from his tough daddy and/or because the evil, greedy succubus who latched onto him with the queen's help like a leech on an open wound prevented him from doing so and/or the Grey Men (TM) won't listen to him so then he starts drinking carousing and cavorting in most unroyal ways as the downward spiral continues. JUICY! Imagine if such a story were real! Oh wait!

As longtime readers, many of you know Trine well, and how she does not pull punches. Our girl is sharp-tongued, direct and not an enabler to BS. Her previous books have been a hit in both Danish and English, "1015 Copenhagen K" and "The King and Queen of Greenland". Now that you have that Kindle app, go ahead and download the book that Mary wanted banned! Well done, Trine!

Additionally, Trine's husband Malcolm Brabant has his own story to tell, and it is one of the most riveting true stories you'll read. "Malcolm is a Little Unwell" tells the story of Brabsie's decent into madness following a yellow fever jab. With humour and deep insight, Malcolm paints a stunning portrait of his and his family's life in Greece, Britain and Denmark before and after this tainted inoculation and the emotional toil it took on husband and wife, and their young son. Please support Malcolm and Trine's good works and ongoing legal struggles against Big Pharma by purchasing a few great reads for the upcoming weekend. What, you've got to have something to do while Mary's choosing which of her new freebie frocks is best for her Big Aussie Evening on Sunday!

Link to Purchase E-Book: Amazon

Queen of Deception is the first novel by Danish royal author Trine Villemann. It’s a scandalous tale which focuses on the death bed regrets of the Queen of a small anonymous northern European kingdom, as well as the self destructive escapades of the country’s Crown Prince Franz.  
Queen of Deception offers a dire glimpse of life behind the Palace walls, where the cancer stricken monarch, a victim of the most horrifying cruelty, has sacrificed her own happiness in order to fulfill her royal duty. Prince Franz is determined not to follow in his mother’s footsteps. 
Sensitive and weak Franz is a reluctant heir to the throne. After a miserable childhood, living in fear of his strict and violent father, Duke Alfonso, and ignored by his cold mother, Franz fights tooth and nail to avoid his royal responsibilities. He seeks solace in alcohol, drugs and casual sex, and alarms his minders by surrounding himself with a sometimes criminal entourage. Franz falls in love with a nurse, but his desire to marry her is thwarted by the Palace and he ends up succcumbing to a highly ambitious foreign commoner called Vicki. 
In her final days, the Queen realises that the web of deception she has spun is about to undermine the very institution that she has spent her life trying to protect. 
Trine Villemann has earned a reputation as a controversial critic of Denmark’s Royal Family. Her first book, 1015 Copenhagen K, which exposed Crown Princess Mary’s in-laws as being a family of dysfunctional freeloaders, was a best seller in Denmark. Her second book, the King and Queen of Greenland, argued that Crown Prince Frederik and his Australian wife should go on an apprenticeship to Greenland so that they could prepare for the day when they would inherit the throne from Denmark’s Queen Margrethe.

Wonder if the e-book's sexy "nurse" character (excellent! nurturing and care-giving, just what Freddles needs) bears any resemblance to this young woman? RIGHT THIS WRONG, FRANZ!


  1. She is beautiful and is an artist!. Fred´s was blind, Fred is blind...

  2. The chapters I read on amazon make it blatantly obvious she is talking about Fred Mary his mother etc. I wonder what the DRF think of her glad at least that she has been able to see things and people for what and who they are. Very few people are that brave.

  3. Katja is so fricking gorgeous, I can't stand it. No wonder Frodo looks sick all the time. He gave up that sexy thing for nasty greedy insecure Mary Boganson.