Monday, October 7, 2013

Très Bien Jouée!: Marie Charms Mothers Organisation: The Warm Princess Spends the Afternoon With Minority Women, Listening to Them, Dancing With Them: YES

Celebrate, Marie! You're a star for Denmark!
Words are not sufficient to express how bloody fantastic this is! Her Royal Highness Princess Marie on Sunday, 6 October, attended a meeting of the National Organisation of Neighbourhood Mothers in Vejle. What a perfect royal presence at a much needed organisation, and one that focuses not only on the important needs of mothers, but on the needs of ethnic minorities, too often a group not given particular importance in Denmark. Marie is not only a charm ambassador of the highest calibar, but this is a very needy topic for her to give royal attention to. Fantastisk, as Madam, la Comtesse de Sydney Photo Opps would say.
Marie is totally upping her game these days: she's got a more professional wardrobe and hairstyle, she's totally integrating herself into Danish culture, and she's pursuing important and not always spotlighted concerns that affect the daily life of Danes, in particular new Danes, or those who are on the margins of society. In other words, she is giving herself to her new country in the most royal manner possible, with no Regardez Moi! tours of France or Switzerland, no cutesy-poo games with the camera (or even looking directly at it), no flirting with governmental ministers on costly junkets to foreign nations with no real agenda except to look good for the cameras. Marie is the real deal. She's been properly instructed by her husband on her responsibilities and duties, the pitfalls and preferences of a life of public representation. Brava, Marie!



Photos: Gert Blume; personal photos


  1. I like this fantastic princess more for every day that passes. She is very good looking, smart, dresses elegant and suitable and has a varm embracing charm. She is fantastic, I think!

  2. Warm lady, sincere. She is the one!!

  3. Warm lady, sincere. She is the one!!

  4. Marie is proving herself to be an absolute pro. She has really grown into her role. I agree it is under the good tutelage of Prince Joachim, but the raw materials must be there and she has them in spades. Look how many women are crowding around her. She is completely engaged with everyone and is genuinely interested in what they have to say. There are many people who do not like or want royalty. I can understand this. But if you have it, this is how it must be: engaged with the people on issues that matter that the government cannot easily address, connecting with people, respecting all cultural differences and not using the taxpayer funded position to feed your ego.

  5. Marie is a contrast to yrma!
    So much better.
    And she is the same as before she was a princess. Looks as she did then.
    I hate yrma.