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Denial Ain't Just A River In Egypt: Frederik Has A Problem, And He Needs Help Immediately And Mary Is An Enabler Because A Strong, Sober Fred Is A Threat To Her Greedy Survival

"Pff, this is rough, man. What do I do?"
Poor dumb, sick, sad, helpless Fredikins. Caught between the Scylla and Charybdis of Madame MoreMore, Countess of For-Profit Aussie Marketing and Publicity Agreements, Succubus Extraordinaire, and of being a future king with responsibilities that go beyond making good time in the Copenhagen Marathon. What's our sad-sack to do? First, take a bashing in the press!
Trine is no enabler! As you well know if you were smart enough to download a copy of her husband's e-book "Malcolm is a little unwell", whereby Brabant accounts her loving, but no bullshit attitude to his decline into quasi-functional mental illness. I'd say, Trine knows of what she speaks when giving Derfie a big dose of much-needed medicine!
First, the article about how Derfie won 200,000 kroner - for himself, not any foundation or charity - from the Polka Verner scholarship for being, ahem, a 'modern man'. Then enjoy Trine's Politiken column laying into Freddles for the unbearable contradictions between the award and how he lives his life. Then a little more insight from court-approved Billed Bladet into how Derfie's motivation is quite stagnant and slack. Laying the groundwork for the post-Mary years?

Article: Politiken
Crown Prince Frederik is this year's recipient of the 'Polka Verner Grant'.

Polka Verner scholarship

Crown Prince Frederik is "a modern man who, with his way of living his life and his commitment to the outside world is very much to inspire others and spread the joy and excitement around it."

This is the motivation behind the award of this year's 'Polka Verner Grant' to Crown Prince Frederik.

The scholarship was established by Kirsten Lehfeldt and Seas Egelind in 2002 and is one of the greatest legacies of the musical scene.

The previous recipients of the scholarship, almost all had a much clearer linking to the music - among other Erling Erlang & Trio, Stig Moller, Otto Brandenburg, Henning Strong, MC Einar and Peter Sommer received the scholarship, and in this context is the crown prince little outside .

Crown Prince Frederik has pre-determined that he gives scholarship money on to the support of Danish music. More precisely, to whom will be published in the autumn.

The scholarship is just over 200,000. The money comes from auctions online as well as donations from the festival and its partners.

It's Kirsten Lehfeldt and Seas Egelind and people from Skanderborg Festival, which decides scholarship recipient.
Trine Villemann Column: Politiken
Dear Frederik,
Excuse the casual form of address, but I read that you recently received an award because you are a 'modern man', as it says in the press release, so it's probably okay to use the informal you?
In fact, I'd like to know what qualifies a human anachronism to be called 'a modern man'? Is it because you have sent your royal offspring to public school? Or because you have a tattoo on your leg?
The people behind the Polka Verner Grant of 200,000 kroner, write that you have received the honourary prize because you all are a "modern man who, with his way of living his life and his involvement in the community, greatly helps to inspire others and spread joy and excitement around it."
I can not discern what it is about your pampered and privileged lifestyle that can inspire others, but here I am by now a lonely voice in a kingdom where very, very many people care about you, just because you do not hesitate to be who you are. You get hoots when you get married and turn black when you have to perform in front of a wider audience.
The more you do, the more popular you become. It takes a special talent to turn your weaknesses into strengths, but you have it.
Am I the only one who thinks that the Constitution's political tagging has become a ubiquitous excuse to never engage you in anything meaningful?
A poll in the Sunday Politiken recently revealed that more than 70 percent of Danes now believe that you are ready to be king. It is a recognition that commits, but the question is what you will use all of the tailwind to do Frederik? Should there be even more sailing races? The opposite used even more?

Or should the favorable wind be used for redirecting so you can steer toward more constructive waters?
It's never been easy being you. You have been the darling of many Danes just because of your difficult upbringing with a distant mother and a harsh papa .
That's probably why we so often forgive you when you screw up, but you are no longer a rootless and helpless teenager in search of happiness but a man caught in the middle of life's crossroads. And your downtime has unfortunately become a symbol of the royal family's current state.
You are of course in many ways trapped by your position. Your freedom of movement is restricted.

You should for example be apolitical, but am I the only one who thinks that the Constitution's political tagging has become a ubiquitous excuse to never engages you in anything meaningful?

Perhaps due to your inactivity that you have realized that you represent an institution that should not even exist in today's modern democracy, but democracy is not solely based on vote counts , its strength lies in the quality of the moral compass majority guided by .

Can you really like human decency guest a political regime in which their emotions and behavior is a crime? It appears you and your family for good, for we Danes are decent, a little loony good people who seem content with even the most insignificant bits and pieces from you at Amalienborg, but dare you bet your future existence to the last?

There have been so many disappointments along the way, Frederik. Not least your stubborn insistence on becoming a member of the IOC.
I - and according to opinion polls just about half of the kingdom - have always believed that this membership will end in tears.
It looks like we may well start pulling our handkerchiefs out, for with the latest developments in Russia there is a risk that Putin's rot will spread to the foundation under the royal family, that you one day will head.

Whatever guarantees the Russian government has issued to the International Olympic Committee to the controversial law on homosexual, it will not affect the athletes and visiting guests during the Winter Olympics in Sochi, so you completely undermine the respect and the goodwill that surrounds you and the monarchy if you choose to show up in Sochi.
The Crown Prince of Denmark can not under any circumstances by his presence endorse a political regime that pursues gay. This is something your advisors should have told you long ago, Frederik, but you are allowed to think for yourself.
You have in your close circle of friends, men who love men and women who love women. Can you really like human decency and also be a guest of a political regime in which their emotions and behavior is a crime? And here we are at the core, Frederik.
You are crown prince, you are a member of the IOC , but you are first and foremost a human being - Now take a leap and show us all that there is hope for you and for the royal family and stay away from Sochi 2014.
Article: Billed Bladet
Crown Prince Frederik Has Trouble With Motivation
The sports-happy prince has got trouble putting running gear on and getting out the door.

"I feel that there must be something to motivate me. It is essential that there is a kind of objective to the whole."

That is a little surprising from the Danish sports-happy Crown Prince Frederik. He is known to often carry extreme sports performance as marathon running without problems, but now he is failing to even put his running shoes on.

"In particular strength, as one of my age should exercise regularly, I find it hard to force myself to. I always thought it was awful boring, and it's harder for me to get myself into a power centre for doing weights. In the same way I have always believed that running on the treadmill was almost sacrilege. Here in Denmark one could run outside 360 days a year. But now I would like to admit that I was a little cold more", says crown prince to Extra Bladet.

Now Frederik has accepted the treadmill. He cultivates strength - and runs on the treadmill - at a fitness center in Copenhagen.


  1. Oh, Trine, you're not alone. If only there was a way to join forces with the Danes ( and non-Danes) on royal dish. There is strength in numbers.

  2. These are confessions. And this person will be our king? Something in Denmark is rotten...

  3. Seriously, he is a future king? A king of what? More like a spoilt freeloader.

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    1. Cheers? As in "hoots and hollers", I took it.

  5. Fred is emaciated and sick