Thursday, October 31, 2013

Crown Prince Frederik in Israel: Honouring the Danes Who Saved Their Jews in WWII

From Shimon Peres' Facebook page: "Denmark is an exemplary country in the world, a state based on peace, social justice and caring for people. I believe that's why you're admired. I want to express our profound thanks to your people for what they did during the Shoah. Among all other countries it was Denmark that made a supreme attempt to save the lives of the Jewish people in your country either by hiding them, defending them or shipping them to Sweden. Most of them were saved and we shall never forget it, we consider it a historic act."

Despite the scraggly beard thinggie that mostly announces his general mood, it seems fair to note that Frederik's head space in Israel is worlds better than it was just a few days ago in Sydney on Madam's latest Looker Me! Tour/taxpayer boondoggle. Is it kosher to be practically jolly in a Holocaust museum? In this case, he gets a pass. All in all, a visit to Yad Vashem is a stark reminder of the cruelty of humanity, the need to go forth with peace and tolerance, and a mission to live life to the fullest. It's also worth pointing out that the Danish king at the time, Fred's great-grandfather Christian X, contributed to the financing of the effort to row 7,500 of Denmark's Jews by boat into neutral Sweden.

Perhaps all these points ring true with Frederik! Hopefully, he'll have the strength of character to move on that final point not with comely blondes in nightclubs, aka "good family friends", but with his children, and if necessary, without his wife-thinggie, replacing her with a better crown princess and support system. And use his personal fortune for more than nice clothes and brewskis out on the town with friends. Quiet financial support for worthy causes would not be unwelcome. Call up a school with a large immigrant population and find out who can't afford football uniforms or shoes. Follow up with his Harvard JFK School of Government scholarship recipients and make sure no one's eating noodles once a day because they had to pay for a school related activity. Take hope away from Israel with you, Fred! You can do it!

Article: Jerusalem Post

Peres Thanks Denmark's Royalty For Saving Country's Jews in Holocaust

President Shimon Peres on Wednesday night expressed profound thanks to the people of Denmark for their supreme effort to save the country's Jews during the Holocaust.

Following the invasion of Denmark by the Nazis, more than 7,500 members of the Danish Jewish community were ferried in small boats to unoccupied Sweden to escape persecution, a measure financed by the Danish king at the time.

This was a courageous deed by Denmark's citizens from all walks of life who did not hesitate to act when it was necessary, Peres said. "We shall never forget this historic act," he told the prince.

Frederik's visit is in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the rescue. Earlier Wednesday, he attended a memorial ceremony at the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum, where he toured the site. It was "fantastic to be in Israel," Frederik said.

The president also thanked Denmark for its present day participation in the Middle East peace process, in particular its funding of a health project which trains Palestinian doctors in the treatment of illness for which they were previously unequipped.

The prince, who was accompanied by Danish Minister for Education Christine Antonini, is not only the first Danish royal to visit Israel, but the first Scandinavian royal.

In addition to the President's staff, the prince was greeted in Danish by fellow countrymen and former government minister Rabbi Michael Melchior, who is descended from seven generations of Danish rabbis and whose son is currently in Denmark working as a rabbi.

When Peres started to tell the prince about the Melchior family's history, the prince said he was familiar with his father Rabbi Bent Melchior, the former Chief Rabbi of Denmark, who was one of the keynote speakers at the 70th anniversary commemorations in Copenhagen.

Frederik later attended a special commemorative concert at the Jerusalem Theater marking the 70th anniversary of the rescue.



Photos: Office of the President (top); Nir Alon/Demotix; Amir Cohen


  1. Nice tie! It looks great without inservible wife.

  2. This is a very important gig. I'm glad he didn't screw it up. He always seems human without Mazza around.

  3. High marks to CP Frederik. He looks engaged, attentive, appropriately reserved for the occasion. It's a good thing that Mary isn't there preening for the cameras and being a huge distraction for such an important memorial occasion.


  4. This is our crown prince!!! Love Denmark!! I like him without his creeper wife

  5. Yep. His energy is completely different when the wife isn't around.

  6. It is something how outrageously cruel man can to to fellow man at all levels. Not only in war but in everyday life and relationships- to varying degrees depending on what they think they can get away with. No one will forget the holocaust and all of its in explicable insanity. In my opinion the unrelenting focus on it may have an unintended negative impact on some people sort of like overexposure. But when I read or hear the stories I sometimes can't imagine how things like that could happen and go on so long before it was stopped. Its mind boggling how that much hatred could create that much utter chaos and human tragedy. Very very tragic and God bless those people who helped the Jews escape So as ugly as humans can be to other humans there is the flip side of how gracious humane and loving other humans can be to their fellow man in times of need. This dichotomy in human nature is amazing

    1. Very deep reflections. Read Baruch Spinoza, Dutch philosopher (1632 –1677) . His Ethics will help you understand human nature.

    2. Thank you for that recommendation. I'm going to read it

  7. It is so true that Fred is a different person when his ball and chain called Mary isn't on the scene. And mind you this is him after a long flight from Oz to Israel so he is probably quite jet lagged. I can't imagine being married to a person who could make me as miserable and unhappy as she seems to make him. I say he will split in a few years or they will just live totally separate lives. He was doing a pretty good acting job of trying to tolerate her in Oz. But let's try to remember that any person who could bring down a spouse the way Mary does him must haveva lot of internal emotional issues so Mary must not be very happy herself and with herself. No matter how much clothing bling botox etc she can buy she is probably not happy with Mary - ie herself. Sad scene. Daisy probably tells Fred. "I told you so.......". I think Mary forgets the "duty" part of being a princess and instead just focuses on the perks and publicity. The woman needs to be reminded about her responsibilities to her family and to Denmark

  8. OK this may sound crazy but seriously consider this. If Fred does suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder called SAD which is a real disease that causes depression in people during the winter when there is less sun maybe Fred is looking better because he has been in Oz and now Israel where sun is abundant. Maybe cold dark Denmark in the fall and winter increases his depression. Regardless I'm sure Mary is no bed of roses to deal with during any season of the year

  9. Fred is a wonderful man. Without a doubt, good fortune smiled down on Mary. She herself has transformed into a stylish and lovely lady.

  10. I Like Fred with out mary.