Monday, November 4, 2013

Danish Inns No Longer Allowed to Use Royal Crowns in Their Signs, Letterheads or Websites: Daisy Irrationally Throws the Book at Them

Daisy! Girl. What is up? Or Lene, is this you? What in the hell are y'all doing? Seriously?

If you are not careful, "stop abuse of the crown" will be a headline following discovery of all of your deep dark secrets, Mary's post-nup, and Henrik's extramarital dalliances.

These famous inns are all over the Danish countryside and are charming places to stay, to meet people for a Christmas lunch (julfrokost) or to have a glass. Their crowns are noble adornment that no one associates directly with the Crown, least of all a business relationship. It's more of an insignia that one is in royal Denmark, the charming country with a monarchy and loads of castles all over the place, and stories of all sorts of naughty and nice kings and queens over the years. It's part of the backstory. So these places being asked to remove a decoration that speaks mostly to the country's history, not its monarch, is especially odd. But then again, Daisy did look at Mary and think she could be controlled and grateful. Look how that one turned out!

Article: Berlingske

The Royal Family Wants to Stop Abuse of the Crown
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Many Danish Inns had until 10 May 1912 the right to adorn themselves with the title 'Royal Privileged'.

With the court also followed the possibility of using the crown - for example by allowing it to adorn the facade, menu card or letterhead. But it goes no further, says Jyllands-Posten.

According to the newspaper, the royal family is unhappy with the abuse, which for these inns, being privileged has not been legal since 1912.

It is the National Archives, as the royal family's behalf shall ensure that rules are respected, and this underlines the chief consultant Poul Olsen, that there are special rules for the application of such crown.

"We enforce the rules adopted on the matter of the royal family. We do this continuously when new cases crop up, and when we become aware that there is a breach of the rules, "he explains to Jyllands-Posten.

Fano Krogaard is one of the places that have been ordered to remove the crown. It amazes innkeeper January Faerch, 'the crown can be found in many places around the premises, it is part of our logo that is on letterhead and second and it goes back to our website," he told Jyllands-Posten and stresses that it can become a costly affair to remove the many crowns around the inn, which has been around since in 1662.


  1. Why penalize these people who actually WORK for a living and pay taxes to help keep the royals in jewels and palaces and Rolls and ......

  2. Crown is a symbol, that does not necessarily represent The Royal Danish House. In England, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway you can find many hotels, inns, with crowns as part of their decoration. They have all kinds of souvenirs with crowns and nobody cares. Plumrose sausages have a crown printed on the sheath. As Danish I am proud of everything made in here. (Plumrose er en dansk internationalt orienteret, fødevarevirksomhed med produktion og salg af fersk svine- og oksekød – primært i moderselskabet. Dertil kommer produktion og salg af en række andre fødevareprodukter i koncernens datterselskaber. Admistrende direktør er Kjeld Johannesen og hovedsædet er beliggende i Randers.
    Danish Crown er Europas andenstørste og verdens tredjestørste svineslagteri, og er desuden Europas største kødforædlingsvirksomhed og en betydelig spiller på det europæiske oksekødsmarked. Danish Crown er blandt verdens 2-3 største kødseksportører og verdens største svinekødseksportør.
    Plumrose pay taxes, Plumrose keep the royal welfare!!!

  3. Maybe someone is trying to show someone (or perhaps even convince themselves) that they still have power.and control..........Hmmmmm. Interesting.

  4. Isn't the appropriate request an invitation to the DRF to satisfactorily justify their existence in the 21st century at first instance? How can it be justified on any level, for example, for a commoner, unremarkable by any standards, to be elevated to status of princess and treated as such, to receive a not insubstantial tax free apanage and live a luxurious life because of marriage to a man who happened to be born into it? Only after this question can be justified, can consideration be given to this matter, which would and should fail in any event. The royal family has no right IMO to do this and the gall of doing so to the people who feed and clothe them is astounding.

    1. Couldn't agree more. I think this is trying to make it look
      like they are flexing big muscle here. In reality its sad
      that this is one of the few areas that they can "boss"
      people around. When all it does is make them even
      less popular with the peasants who pay for their
      ostentatious lifestyle. But can you really blame them
      for trying to hold on to their gravy train as long as possible?
      Nice "work" if you can get it. Someday they will have
      to accept the fact that people are tired of supporting
      them so grandly. The truth is that other countries have
      gotten rid of their blood suckers. Its a new world. Admit
      It or not who needs Kings and Queens who are
      supported by the little people and what makes Denmark
      so special???

  5. Smart comment. Yes, you are right!

  6. Biting the hand that (literally) feeds you...... Those poor hard working peasants...........they can't win