Thursday, November 14, 2013

Yrma and Derf in Mexico, Day Three: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The Hand of Daisy? Or the Hand of the Danish Taxpayer?
So, on the last day of El Grande Tour de Mexico by the Saviour of Little Brown People and her husband thinggie, Madam drugged Fred for his business meeting at which he could barely stay awake, took the lead in speech giving, scared a poor little girl, and posed holding her Danish Government-mandated bouquet of posies with one hand seemingly luring Fred back into the fold, and another hand seemingly ready to pluck Mary back up into the Mother Ship to Planet Sociopathic Narcissist from whence she came.
Compare to the photos of the heir to the Spanish throne and his wife visiting Hispanic California the same day. Two elegantly dressed but non-flashy professionals, no lady-in-waiting, no mandated floral bouquets handed to the lady by scared children, no little paper Spanish flags being waved by bussed in school children, just two people working hard and seriously as dignified representatives of Spain, noble enough to allow others to be spotlighted, and smart and meaningful enough to get the CEO of Google to come meet with you and show off his company and latest products. Larry Page would NEVER leave his office for Derf or Yrma, the two Danish duds. Even Maz senses it not so deep down. Here on the last day in Mexico she wore the same Ralph Lauren dress she accessorised with Jackie O bug-eye sunnies, and matching hat, gloves, and shoes that wouldn't even stay on her bunioned feet because she refuses to wear stockings, but this time the outfit was considerably dressed down.

"Somebody help me!"



  1. Regarding the first photo of the hands. The hand that is wide open represents the hard toiling Danish peasants who pay 50% in taxes so that Ramy and Derf can live high on the hog and take private jets around the world. Now the hand that is grabbing the open hand represents the sychophantic monarchy living off the sweaty hard working backs of the peasants...,........for now anyway

  2. Is Fred sticking his tongue out in the last picture?

  3. If you look at the photos of Felipe and Letizia in California Letizia looks pretty full of herself. Walks thru the mission and Stanford like she owns the place. Acts like Felipe is her handbag----an accessory. Barely talks to him No humility or kindness shown. She may look and dress better than Mary but she has that same "I am better than you" attitude. If they thought about it for a minute Mary and Lettie might remember who is providing them with all their goodies and act more humble and less conceited. That is exactly what makes Marie so appealing. She didn't let it all go to her head. Kate Middleton is pretty full of herself for scheming her way into catching Wills but she does a pretty good acting job of presenting herself as just an ordinary down to earth girl who just by sheer chance found herself at the same college as William and living in the same dorm and walking down a runway half nude at a charity Willis attended where he just happened to notice her. So if it doesn't work out w Wills she should head to Hollywood because she is one damn good actress

    1. Er, if all these gals are conceited bitches, I think the problem is you. Kate's probably nice enough at her core, but is finding out life as Will's wife and a royal in a family that works is not in her wheelhouse. I hope she is a good mom, that is maybe where she puts all her energy now, it is all she knows anyway from Ma Chiavelli.

      Leti may look haughty to minds that are willing to project such negativity, but I think she is being both royal and the second banana. She knows that this is Felipe's show, yes she has a part to play but is appropriately seen and not much heard. Good. Plus she is very good with children. Tells you much.

      Mary is me me me and wants to walk ahead of Fred and show off and preen and be a stupid little arrogant b*tch. Nothing royal, nothing kind.

  4. ER I hardly think mentioning the conceit of two women (one of which you agree with) and the phoniness of another in comparison to one who I think is lovely and unaffected means I have a problem. Rather someone such as yourself who makes a sweeping statement about someone's character based entirely upon one paragraph that they write on a blog could possibly have their own problem that they could projecting. But being rational and intelligent I would never prejudge anyone such as yourself who I haven't met talked to orr seen in a picture based simply on one paragraph that you have written which by the way I disagree with. But that's me just being rational and intelligent. Maybe you have an excuse for prejudigng someone you've never laid eyes on such as myself. But given your thinking process I would really doubt it

  5. Wow you sound like a real know it all. Stating your opinions as if they are fact. Its ok for you to rank the princesses but others that do the same thing and disagree with you have flawed characters And you sound like a very negative and arrogant person. Thankfully youre not a princess because you would probably be the least liked of any of them

  6. What do you people do with the rest of your time when you are not demonizing this family?