Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Happy 8th Birthday, Prince Christian!

Ziggy's a beautiful dog!
Happy Birthday, Prince Christian. Sorry your mummy's such a crap photographer. She has no idea how to use light, or to make her subjects relaxed and have fun. Oh well, you did your duty to sit for her. You and your sister Josephine are definitely the most Donaldson of all the children. Good luck with that. Listen to Daddy when he's not passed out, and try not to worry too much as you look more and more like your grandpappy Professor Jock 'Half-Mast' Boganson. Just be thankful for the mathematical gifts and plan a career that focuses your energy on engineering or genetics or whatever field you think would be a good match for your special skills. There are plenty of jobs out there where you can stay in a lab or classroom and not have to interact too much. Hang out with Izzy and her friends. Try not to get too blinded by all the freebies that come your way. There's too much of that going on. Have a great birthday and enjoy Australia! Stay away from Auntie Amber. I mean, be nice to her now, but stay away as you get older. You already have too many bad influences in your life, why take on more?

In honour of Xian's birthday, a few videos:

Video of Christian's christening when Mary wiped her snot on her hands, then on the ancient christening gown (try not to notice the enormous purple spot on the back of Christian's head): YouTube

Video of Christian's first day at nursery school: YouTube

Video of the family's Miami visit in 2009: YouTube/HerogNu

Video of Auntie Jane allowing Christian into traffic in Australia: YouTube

Video of Christian's first day of school: YouTube/DR

Leaving Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, October 2005


Why do all babies look like old Jewish men?
Christmas card 2005
Christening, Christiansborg Chapel, January 2006

Shopping with Caroline Heering
Graasten, July 2006
Looker Me! Tour #2, 2006, with brother John and his two daughters in Hobart


Taking a walk outside of Janie's Glass House with a couple of gargoyles

At Bonorong Park Wildlife Centre, Brighton, Tasmania

MoreMore has a special surprise for the Danish journalists
Catchng Jetstar from Hobart to Sydney in a pre-arranged advertisement

At the playground in Sydney. Michaela Ward and Belle Property's Chris Meehan brought their little one, too.

15 October 2006, first birthday

In Newport, Rhode Island, USA, following Far on his sailing adventures

Leonor was born two weeks after Christian
Christmas, Fredensborg, 2006

Verbier, February 2007
First day of nursery school, April 2007

Daisy's birthday, April 2007

April 2007

Isabella's christening, Fredensborg Chapel, July 2007

With favourite Nanny Mette at Copenhagen Zoo's Elephant House

In his little wifebeater in Croatia, 2007

Checking on Amalienborg renovations

Playing in the snow at Fredensborg

Isabella's first birthday, 2008

Getting an ice cream with visiting Auntie Amber
Auntie Amber loves remembering her time with Mary and her children by reading Aussie tabloids

Looker Me! Tour #3

At the Salamanca Market with various gargoyles

In a Hobart park with Auntie Patty in her crime scene carpet "fur" coat and "Wellies"

Walking around Sydney with Amber and Belle Property's Chris Meehan

With Nanny Natasha at an amusement park in Australia

At Government House, Sydney
In Miami with Pixie's Cutie Shore Manager, Søren Bredvig Nielsen


At the beach in Denmark with Baron Otto Reedtz-Thott

Christmas card 2008

At Cirkus Arlier in Uvelse

Visiting Fred in hospital, parked in a police zone!


Grandpère Henri's birthday, June 2009

Easy, Daisy!


At nursery school
MoreMore's birthday photos

At one of Susanne Heering's ballet performances, 2009
Daisy's birthday, 2010

Crown Princess Victoria's wedding, Stockholm, 2010

Graasten, 2010, Miracle Twins announced!

At Countess Alexandra's house for Nikolai's birthday

Receiving his first Greenlandic costume

In German Vogue, 2010

German Vogue, 2010

At Elephant House, Copenhagen Zoo

First official duty, unveiling a portrait at Frederiksborg

Christening the Miracle Twins, Holmens Kirke, April 2011

April 2011 

Pre-Christening festivities photo! Just for fun!

Jock hung around a little while longer, to sluurrrrp, and to watch Fred

Graasten, 2011

First day of school, August 2011

Hubertus Hunt, Fall 2011

Daisy's 40th Jubilee portrait

At Christiansborg Chapel for Daisy's 40th Jubilee, 2012

In London for the Olympics, 2012

With Danish handball player Mikkel Hansen
Greeting the King and Queen of Sweden

Graasten, 2012

7th birthday, 2012

Aussie football game in Copenhagen
Graasten, 2013
Photos: Various; Christian's formal 8th birthday, Princess Maz Boganson 


  1. Don't have high hope for their children. The elder two have already shown signs of being entitled brats. They are just another freeloader for life.

  2. What a sweat kid Christian is! Despite the hopeless photo, he looks very nice!

  3. Lovely photos, thank you!

  4. I think school has been good for Christian. He is not the best looking kid - looks too much like the Donaldson family. I hope he and his siblings will not grow up too spoiled but it doesn't look good so far. I think Fred is a better parent than we think. It's nice to see him more involved with these kids in some of these pictures. Mary is hopeless and not a very good photographer. But if she saves money by doing her own, then there is more Prada and Hugo Boss for her.

  5. He isn´t cute, he is just a fat-face-wonky eye-spoiled-kid. His mother thinks monarchy will stand forever, but political trends says it will disappear in less than twenty years, so this kid must study something to live for, because palaces, castles, art pieces, money, cars, chauffeurs and maids will belong to the republic and these royals must work to eat. Ask uncle Constantine II of Greece. Fred and Ordimary did no realize that and lives carelessly with no sense of the future.

    1. Denmark is a little different in that a republic would not be as quick. But unless there are reforms, it will end after Marge. For all her faults, Marge is a queen Danes are proud of. This art exhibit, they love that she does that, and even though Henrik is made fun of, they really take pride in both of them being sophisticated culture vultures. Everyone loves Fred, he is a good guy. We will see if a "good guy" is what works on the throne. I have doubts. Plus it is clear that Fred is having a very hard time but everyone pretends it's ok. Mary is only liked because she is married to Fred. It will be interesting after Marge dies. Veeeeeeeery interesting! If Mary's really stashing money away, then she's smart enough to read the tea leaves that her lifestyle is unsustainable. Whether what can't be sustained is either a constitutional monarchy, or a functioning Fred, we'll soon see.

  6. holy smokes, that kid was as orange as a carrot when he was born!

    1. Isn't that because Mary starved herself when pregnant with him, and even was admitted to hospital before he was born for malnutrition? Something like that. I don't remember the details, but she was playing with fire, prioritising her weight over Christian's proper development in utero.

    2. She looked exactly like the recently surrogate-in-pregnant Middletrash. Middletrash, like Mary had no weight gain, except for the silicone baby prothesis, no weight gain in face, swollen ankles and they fool the public into believing that she popped out an almost nine pounder. At least Mary REALLY had a baby.
      Biggest fraud scam on the British ever.

    3. No revisionism about Kate, please. She gained a healthy amount of weight and it showed in her face. We never saw her for the last month or 5 weeks, and she was huge when we last saw her, so hopefully she kept gaining weight. I'm thankful she popped out a big baby. The lies she told the public were about her HG diagnosis, which I believe was completely false and only said to garner public sympathy (with the small possibility that HG was an early stab at a diagnosis by the docs that was released innocuously, but cynically, never retracted).
      Mary actually put baby Christian at risk with her starvation.

  7. All the children are just very average looking. You would not have high expectation if they have half of donaldson's bogan genes in their blood, and their father is not considered handsome outside Denmark. When the boy grows up, he will look like a cross between prince charles and WA of Netherlands

  8. Alll children are beautiful and amazing gifts from God. And Christian and his siblings are no exception They are innocent helpless creatures. Why are grown adults picking on an innocent child who has no control over the situation he was born into? Makes me wonder about the souls of some of these bloggers

    1. You are right. I don´t care if they are cute or not, but I care about the future of those children. Fred isn´t aware of what´s going on and leave the children to Mary and she doesn´t care about them. They don´t behave well, Izzy is claiming for attention, we can notice it. Mary sold us a person she isn´t. The palace helped her with that and now everyone realize what they did: They created a monster: vain, superficial, unconscious, insensitive, in times where royals must be close to people in order to remain in their thrones.

  9. Haha, I love your blog