Thursday, October 3, 2013

Zoinks!: Yrma at a Kindergarten: Unnatural, Uncomfortable, Out of Her Comfort Zone: Kids!

Little Girl: "It's behind me, isn't it!?"
Seems like the Court has now given its photographers specific instructions to photograph Madam from behind as much as possible when she's with children. That way they minimise the amount of "Freaky Face Mary Scares Little Ones" shots, eh? It's always a hoot to watch MoreMore at a kindergarten since she is so unnatural with children, almost entirely without a maternal bone in her body. But that's a narcissist for you; they feed themselves first, even if you're starving. Also, Mary seems to be using this visit to show off a new (!) pink scarf and new (!) jacket with very detailed metal riveting which just accentuates the pricey-ness of the clothing. Not smart Mary, when you're trying to position yourself as someone who cares about The Poors. Then again, in light of the giant Global Poverty Festival, Bono-esque FAIL she had in NYC last weekend, maybe Mary's thrown in the towel on those efforts and decided to screw it and enjoy the royal, tax-free money ride while she's still allowed a ticket. Daisy might be closing that booth before you know it!

"Hi! It's ME! I'm here! Hihi! I look great, don't I!?"

"I would never turn down being served before children, hello, but it's not like I'm really going to eat this. I'll just push it around on my plate, then throw it out."

"I'm SO thankful that Lene got the photographers to agree to photograph me from behind when I'm with kids. They are SO unpredictable, I mean, right? I mean, look at this little sassy pants who thinks she's better than me. Whatevs!"

"Hey, you, little girl who is leaning away from me? Wassa matter witchoo? Don't you like the detailing on my new jacket? It cost heaps!"

Blonde lady: "Joisuz, how much did that thing cost?"
Sassy girl: "You're not fooling me, lady! There's a reason we wanted the French girl."

"I'm really uncomfortable when attention is going to others yet cameras are around! Remember when I couldn't contain myself when Camilla got a "The Killing" jumper and I spazzed out so much they quickly found a crime scene puffer coat for me? Yeah, like that."

"Except no one is proffering me with freebies here, so I'm just going to keep jumping like I care and am five years old again. It's a coping mechanism, ok?"

"Uh, hi, ok, it's ok, I think."

"Oh, dear God! No, please. Oh, wait, relax Mary, the photographer is behind you, now. Breathe!"

Little boy: "Mommy, it's still there, and now it's talking to me!"
Little girl: "We're friends, dude, but I can't help you with this, I'm stressed, too!"


  1. Green meets Mean

    45% of danish schoolchildren -- like those in the photos--- ride their bikes to school
    Last year while she was behind the wheel of her SUV Mary hit a bicylist

  2. I think that view of her back might be because of her unhappy expressions at Parliament

  3. The jacket is 2 years old and H&M from the Conscious collection. at least get your facts straight.