Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bien Jouée!: Princess Marie at the Relaunch of the EMU Schools Portal with the Minister of Education: The Children's Princess Is a Hit Despite Obvious Fatigue

Weird. Mary never gets this kind of reception!
The Schackenborg Princess is certainly on the right track, concentrating her efforts on the domestic front with a steady regularity. She's finding a strong niche in issues that deal with children, women and education. Perfect. Those are issues that always need attention no matter the country or how strong a social welfare or employment state there might be. Plus, she's a natural with kids. It has surely been gently noticed that Madam La Boganista isn't exactly up to par for children's activities, and Marie has discreetly been replacing MoreMore in many such formal ventures. Too bad Marie can't be the one to take Mary's two eldest to the theatre where she surely would have not allowed Xian and Izzy to stand on their chairs. Mary knows Marie's on to her, what with that gentle chiding Marie gave to Xian to settle down when the whole family was together not that long ago. Mary was the one who ruined the day by getting huffy, taking all the kids back home and not joining the group later. Tant pis for you, Yrma!
Poor Marie was never a fashionista, no problem; it's a good thing she doesn't make the association between pricey labels and self-worth or social position. But as clear as it is that she's been recently given a little infusion of cash to buy clothes (the jacket and shoes this day, and her outfit at the Mothers meeting the other day are all new), she clearly doesn't have a stylist or a hairdresser on call. Her new cut is really cute - when styled. That's the difficulty of getting a new hairstyle that has a specific shape to it - it really requires styling and that's not always easy to do oneself. Also, our girl looks tired beyond belief. And puffy. Love the Schackenborgs, and they have and raise lovely children, but hopefully Marie is not pregnant. Looks it, but sometimes so does the flu. Let's just wish Marie well, be grateful that she showed up without cancelling in favour of eating biscuits in bed, and enjoy how she raises her own, and the royal, profile in service to wonderful causes, like here in Hellerup (the Copenhagen suburb where Xian and Izzy go to school) at the relaunch of the EMU website that is designed to be a very helpful portal for schools all across the country. 

Photos: Hola Mexico


  1. She is not in a beauty or stylish contest, she is working with her hart, her sweet smile and open mind. Looks natural, kind and cute. That´s what we need, not a narcissist woman for whom is more important the way she looks than her compromise with the people who pays her expenses. Marie is humble and for that: precious.

  2. People warm up to Marie instantly because she is genuine, lovely and contend.

  3. Blah. I expect more from her. She is the Queen's daughter in law-come on. Stop looking like you cut your own hair and make your own clothes. With the company she is keeping and the organizations that she is representing, she needs to pull it together and look far more professional and it has nothing to do with Mary.

    1. Denmark is very expensive, Joachim has 4 kids and hasn´t Fred´s money. When you do sincere work with poor people you don´t want to look like a Hollywood star. Mary offends the poor people using expensive clothes from designers while visit Africa or "favelas" in Brazil. That show us her compromise level. Today (and always) monarchy must be worthy no wasteful. It is a matter of dignity. I prefer Marie with her kindness than Mary in designer pants...

  4. I don't see her look either tired or puffy...just natural and kind.

  5. ITA, the Schacks make nice babies but Denmark doesn't need another welfare mouth to feed, even though a Joachim baby grows up with lovely manners unlike the Derfson children/wild banshees who stand on chairs, take bows from peasants and like freebies.

  6. Funny how no one makes a comment about her tight pants...if it was Mary, you (the blogger) would have been all over it and made unpleasant comments. Marie could be an idiot for all you know, and yet you praise her as if you know her. You don't know either lady, so your venom is a sad reflection of who you are...look in the mirror...the blogger here must be perfect too! and raise amazing children and volunteers, and is artistic, and whatever you claim Mary is not etc. How can anyone match your level of esteem?????

  7. Mary, you again?
    Marie´s pants are fine. She speaks french, english, german and of course DANISH! You OrdiMary are an idiot who does not speak danish after twelve years here! What about if you give an interview to a danish magazine in danish so we can probe who stupid you are?