Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mary's doc chooses the succession

According to this article in Berlingske, the doctor will choose the order of succession since she will most likely give birth via Caesarian section. Whichever one gets pulled first is ahead of the one left waiting in the oven. I wouldn't put it past Mary to give birth naturally, her other two seemed to slide out pretty easily, but she may do enough damage to these two (her track record is not good regarding her treatment of foetuses), that either their or her health will be endangered enough to just have to unzip her. She'll hate that scar but it will remind her of her guaranteed wealth forever, even though her husband hates her.

When the first royal twins sees the light of day during the month of January next year, it may become the birth doctor to decide the succession.

When the children excited Crown Princess Mary gives birth to in January to the new royal twins, the Danish succession will change.

The firstborn of the twins becomes number four after Crown Prince Frederik, Prince Christian and Princess Isabella, the rest - with Prince Joachim heading the pack - move two seats down.

When news of the coming royal twins came Friday afternoon, there was only a moment's doubt about the future succession. Among several experts, those at court, in the Prime Minister's office and in the royal family..

For it is the first twins in the Danish royal family since 1660, when the Danish Succession was introduced.

Currently, the only twins in the Glücksburg family that descended from the royals are Countesses Camilla and Josephine of Rosenborg. They are the daughters of Count Christian who is the son of Crown Prince Knud and cousin to Queen Margrethe. But that branch of the family is not in succession.

A comes before B

Associate Professor of History at Aarhus University Lars Hovbakke Sorensen is confident that the oldest of the twins - in the jargon, twin A - will be number four in succession, while twin B is fifth.

"My friend, there is no doubt that it must be the firstborn of the twins. It stands in the Constitution that the firstborn inherits the throne, and it must be true no matter how many minutes or years, who is the first and who is the next," he told Berlingske Tidende.

Lene Balleby, the court press chief confirms indeed that the firstborn of the twins is number four in succession.

A doctor can decide the case

If Crown Princess Mary ends up getting a Caesarean section - Caesareans occur more frequently at twin births than for one-child-births - it can end with the birth doctor determining the succession.

For in that situation, the doctor will be present to initiate a Caesarean and just take the twins out.

"It's fun thinking about it. That a doctor could determine state law. But if I may say so, I don't know about imaging measurement provisions here," says associate professor of history and royalty expert Jes Fabricius Møller.

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