Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fred stiffs Mary; Haakon a hero

Double headlines at today: in one, Fred has learned from Joachim about Crown Prince Frederik's role in the post-nuptial agreement signed in 2006 by him and Crown Princess Mary. Fred stripped away a requirement that he buy Mary a new home in her name, something that Joachim did for Alexandra. Closing on the "luxury villa" in north Copenhagen occured on May 14, 2004, Fred and Mary's wedding day. Crown Princess Mary must feel very secure in her marriage to sign away so much, in spite of her husband's increasing desparation and emotional disconnection. Funny that within this article as it appears online is the opportunity to click on a link to photos of all of Mary's "scandal-friends". Not a good sign!

The Crown Prince learned from Joachim's divorce and it could be negative for Crown Princess Mary

When Alexandra and Prince Joachim were divorced, it was a lesson for the royal house lawyers on how pre-nuptial agreements should be written.

Alex was to have 'adequate housing', according to their pre-nup agreement, which made the royal family gave her a luxury villa in Copenhagen.

It was Crown Prince Frederik who deleted the same phrase in his marriage to Mary afterwards.

Besides that, he made sure Mary is not entitled to much more than common gifts.

She will not buy a new house or have the opportunity to move back to Tasmania before Prince Christian is an adult.

When Alex considered upkeep for the benefit of Martin Jorgensen, she secured her own finances in the marriage contract.

The other article is about how Crown Prince Haakon of Norway saved 5 teenagers from a sinking boat. During the Tall Ships Race in Kristiansand that native Mette Marit helped inaugurate, Haakon was in one of the many boats watching the proceedings, along with Mette Marit's mother, Princess Ingrid Alexandra and Prince Sverre Magnus. His boat was followed by a police boat providing security. When a boat with the young people on it started to take in water and sink, the courageous and helpful prince kept the boat steady while the teenagers were evacuated to another boat. What a terrific example of kindness and helpfulness Haakon has shown his children and his compatriots. Norway must be proud!


  1. Poor Fred - Felipe, Haakon and Joachim make a functional trio, constantly showing Mary's poor husband up as a complete loser!

  2. It's true, anony! Now add the lovely and gallant Prince Daniel to the list and the Scandinavian heir weakness is definitely found in Denmark!! If only widdle Fweddie could be buttressed by a strong and supportive Crown Princess Katja!