Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Crown Princely Couple hold the Danes back from the door

According to Berlingske, Mary and Fred are pulling the plug on the visits through their new home at Amalienborg. They are to get the keys to the palace in about six weeks. No word on whether the 40 kroner entry fee will go to The Furniture Fund. Be on the lookout for PR to keep the new twins from sleeping in drawers and shoeboxes.

The interest from the Danes has been great, but now we'll no longer be able to see.

Will the Crown Princely couple remain homeless for another period?

This is the question Danes might reasonably ask themselves after they, for a little more than five months, have been able to open the great royal gate and step onto the polished floors of the otherwise private royal chambers. But now it's over.

On Sunday the popular attraction closes, and then it takes about one month before the palace will be transferred to the Crown Princely couple at the end of September.

Overwhelming interest

More than 460,000 Danes have visited Frederick 8's Palace, since it opened to the public in the month of February and the enormous interest in seeing the historic royal interiors have been surprising.

"We knew that interest in seeing the palace was large but that it was so massive, it is quite overwhelming," says press officer in the Palaces and Properties Agency, Jacob Holst Andersen.

Palaces and Properties Agency is responsible for the royal buildings and has also proved to showcase the Crown Prince couple's home. It was initially supposed to keep Frederick 8's Palace open until May, but because the attraction proved so popular, the Palaces and Properties Agency came to an agreement with the Crown Prince and Princess to extend visit time.

"We have an agreement with the Royal Family to hand over the building for them on 21 September. That is the agreement and we will comply," says Jacob Holst Andersen.

"Ever since the palace opened its doors to the public, the queues - they have been long - have stretched from Amalienborg Palace down to Toldbodgade, located a few hundred meters away," says Jacob Holst Andersen. But the decision to close the doors to people is now fixed.

"There is a family who must move in and beyond the palace is indeed also a site to be put into service," he said.

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