Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Crown Princess Mary on Vanity Fair Best Dressed List 2010

Kudos to little Mary Donaldson whose wily ways with the emotional mess called Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark has led her to a wardrobe full of international fashion trends at full retail cost. Her efforts over the last six years have finally gotten her noticed by the editors of Vanity Fair magazine.
Here is Mary as she appears in the online version of the American magazine. The comments section has been red-hot all day with many of Mary's fervent admirers leaving their homages.

From JaneStephens:
"Mary of Denmark? I hardly recognise her. That's the good old Mary Donaldson from Hobart! She got the black Amex of weak prince Freddie by rubbing his chest in a pub and working his mummy issues until she got a ruby ring and title. She used to wear flannelettes and go barefoot and drink tinnies. She's a boring root, though. Did you see how she lost her shoe at Arlington? Didn't even wear stockings. Not very ladylike after all. Silly sheila! Royal Dish dot com has loads of good info on Miss Mary!"

From martiandoll:
"This woman should have her face in the dictionary beside the definition of "pretentious", and "excess". This picture of her walking up the steps is like a walking advertisement for very expensive designers, from the Louboutin shoes (which she could barely walk, let alone stand, in, Chanel purse, and Ralph Lauren dress, Mary just shows how nouveau riche she is. Genuinely wealthy people don't parade their money around with all these labels. Besides, how is this woman stylish when her style isn't even her own? She has a stylist who chooses her outfits, and even then she still looks like a fashion victim and walking accessories store."

From azuska:
"Carey Mulligan? Samantha Cameron? Really??? With the notable exceptions of Diane Krüger, Michelle Obama and Charlotte Gainsbourg, the women's selection is one big YAWN. And please stop including those geishas of the western world (you know who you are.) They married rich, all right. Style it isn't."

From Joanne, the more prolific of the commenters:
"Princess Mary? What a joke. She rubbed chests at the Slip Inn in Sydney, that's how she bagged the drug-addicted Prince Frederik. She's a crap mother, and isn't she supposed to represent DANSIH fashion? She hardly wears it. royaldish.com poorlittleprincess.wordpress.com"

"Princess Mary puts shoes with holes on them on her ugly daughter so she can keep more money for her Prada and Chanel. She also recently let Princess Isabella go around with pee-stains on her leggings. What a piece of trash!"

"Good old Mary Donaldson, aka Holden Commodore, had nose and eye surgery and leaves her kids to the nannies - that's ok because Frederik is going to divorce her and kick her back to Tasmania where this Devil belongs!"

"More pics of The Real Mary! http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r50/rcd5/m12.jpg
http://www.igelkott.com/igel_pics/fMary.JPG http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_7FYs_SDZJhU/SCUE0_8dhvI/AAAAAAAAAI8/kDZVEQ4tFjQ/s1600-h/200010star.jpg

By dazzling:
"Who is Crown Princess Mary? Why is this person wearing a costume? She looks like she is trying to be Jackie Kennedy Onassis 2010. FAIL."

By boganella:
"Crown Princess Mary of Denmark is a patron of Danish Fashion Industry. But what does she wear daily in and outside Denmark? I give you a clue: Prada, Chanel, Louboutin, Burberry, Cartier, & Hermes. Are those Danish brands? Which fashion industry is she trying to promote using Danish taxpayers' money?"

By Lizzy2:
"VF chose the wrong picture of Princess Mary. This is the you should have picked: http://www.daylife.com/photo/00rGfJkd287xp?q=princess+mary+arlington"

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  1. Mary: bunion on the warped foot of the Danish Royal Family