Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mary got pregnant "naturally"

HA! Funny that it even has to be asked and answered! Berlingske reports here that the conception was "natural". As natural as Mary's flawless lily white skin? As natural as Fred's depression?

Twins are uncommon, but the court denies that Crown Princess Mary was inseminated.

Rumours about Crown Princess Mary probably having been artificially inseminated, have, according to BT, been buzzing all day.

But the Royal Family Communications Chief Lene Balleby denies that Mary has undergone fertility treatment.

"It's a natural pregnancy," stresses Lene Balleby to P3 News.

Not surprising

According to the site, it is not particularly surprising that pregnancy in advanced age, takes a toll on the pregnant mother.

"Your chances of having twins and triplets also increases with age, even without treatment for infertility. As an older pregnant women leads to the probability of having more children at one time a greater risk for both your baby and their health," writes the following.

Crown Princess Mary is 38 and should thus be aware of the dangers her pregnancy leads, writes BT.

Greater risk

"The risk of birth by Caesarean section is about 40% higher than a younger woman. Although births by Caesarean are more risky than a normal vaginal birth as long as a pregnancy is progressing well it will be without complications and result in only a slightly longer hospital stays and require a little longer to come in," you can read on

Crown Princess Mary has already secured the best medical supervision. But there is no doubt that she will be under extra scrutiny during her twin-pregnancy until January, when the birth is expected to take place.

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  1. Poor Mary. Even Nicole Kidman wasn't allowed to use Botox while she was pregnant. No wonder Mary has been looking a sun-damaged 50 lately ...