Friday, August 6, 2010

It's crazy hard, Mary!

BT has an article on their website titled It's going to be crazy hard, Mary!. Not with 20 nannies around, BT!

"There is a greater risk of complications and premature birth," says a well-known gynecologist.

Although it is royal, the good life is starting to feel harsh.

"It is in many ways hard to have to be the mother of twins. It is crazy hard, Mary!
The risk of complications is significantly increased during pregnancy and during birth, and time after birth is certainly not easy. That's with a double up on all the trouble of nursing, changing diapers, etc.," warns Charlotte Wilkens-Jensen, gynecologist and obstetrician at Roskilde Hospital.

"I feel for her. Also sleep becomes more disrupted when one has given birth to two. Many parents can talk about how you almost can be driven to distraction because you are constantly interrupted during sleep due to breast-feeding, comforting, etc."

According to a fertility doctor, now one in 90 births in Denmark is a twin birth. The number of twin births has been rising for years, because more are struggling with infertility, and because several have had a fertilized egg transfered into the uterus," says the doctor.

Two times three kilograms in the stomach

Mary must, according to the doctor, expect a lot more stressful pregnancy than women with a single fetus in their stomach must undergo.

"It is strongly incriminating especially in the latter part of pregnancy to have two children in the stomach. That's two times three kilos, you have to carry around. It is bang hard on the back, legs and especially the knees. More problems occur with fluid retention. The kidneys are typically very congested. Several have generally bad, and therefore it is also solid routine to put the birth in time two weeks before you would otherwise be food. We give the woman something lobbies emulation leaked already in the 38th week," says Charlotte Wilken Jensen.

Mary must also assume that there is greater risk that she will give birth by Caesarean section.

"We carry many more Caesarean section on future twin mothers because the embryo is often awkward. One down, perhaps with your bottom down, while the other has gone across."

"Just because there can easily be complications, we routinely monitor upcoming twin mothers starting at 20 weeks. Mary must also very early in pregnancy go to regularly visit the birthplace, Rigshospitalet. We keep a careful eye on whether she might give birth prematurely. There is a high risk to receive when expecting twins. There is also a danger that the twins do not weigh as much inside the abdomen. And there is no small danger that they do not get much to fuel it," explains Charlotte Wilkens-Jensen.

Hard, hard work. But it's not only during pregnancy and childbirth that dangers lurk.

"After giving birth, Mary should expect that there is a greater risk of having a pregnancy poisoning. Them, we see many more of the mothers of twins." It sounds bleak from the birth doctor.

Although the absolute joys are in the majority, it is no use hiding that the time after birth can be fierce.

"It is simply hard, hard work to get twins. It can not be hidden. Work all day with changing diapers, etc. exhausting most - and can therefore sometimes almost drive one to insanity-like state," says the birth doctor.

According to the court, then Mary set to give birth during January next year.


  1. As we all know, she had to be forced by the doctors to gain weight and stop exercising when she was pregnant with Christian. Let's hope she puts her vanity aside and actually does the right thing for once.

  2. Magic 8 ball say, 'chances not good', dear pixiekitty. Izzy came out yellow and teensy, too. It's almost (almost) unbelievable that Mary will go through this again just to hook her claws even deeper into guaranteed money for no work for life. Those babies are already endangered!

  3. If I were Christian, I'd be preparing for life in a brick institution somewhere ....