Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sportif!: The Derf Man Tightens His Glutes By Sitting On an Inflatable Ball, Not Mounting the Presque-Zizi, At an Actual Engagement Out Among the Living

Did the Crown Prince work yesterday? JA! He really did. And seemed to enjoy himself, and talk to people, and engage and find himself well rested after his visit to South American honies, er the IOC Meeting in Lima, and the "work" that is seeing his lifelong friend Willem Alexander become king of The Netherlands, a job he is still squeamish about taking on in Denmark.  By the looks of things, he may be getting there, however!

Derfie was in Aarhus for the official opening session of the Research Festival at the VIA University College in Aarhus, and handed out the Innovation Prize worth 50,000 kroner. This year's recipient is physiotherapy student Kirsten Siig Pallesen for her insole idea Sole Option. No word on whether she was also awarded Derf's phone number. Sportif!

Photos: Lars Aarø/Fokus, Brian Rasmussen/Scanpix, Gorm Branderup/Polfoto


  1. I think Prince Frederik does alot more than people think. It is just that all his work is not publicised all the time, as he is not an attention seeker. Just a lovely, warm, handsome Prince who deserves to be happy like everyone else! Bye for now!

  2. That's always a nice cop out that these royals are busy behind the scene. Sure Fredericki is busy! Busy being depressed ..Busy fantasizing and figuring out how to get a hold of a blonde beauty..Busy Nursing his whisky drink feeling sorry for himself instead of getting out of a loveless marriage...
    Busy avoiding Mary's verbal abuse when she yells at him at home
    We do feel bad for you Freddie..........

  3. Fred's minders get him all the sports related meet and greet type of "work" ... Seems it's the only type of "work" that gets him out of bed .. That and formal dining with some visiting prime minister / President

  4. If he were such a drug addict and drinker as you say he wouldn't be able to take part in all the sporting activities.

  5. More Jolly FreddyMay 4, 2013 at 1:19 PM

    Hafta to say Fred looks like a complete different person when he's on his own .. He looks so joyful and relaxed doing engagements by himself. Look at these pictures!!! He's just having a jolly good time!
    But once Mary Donaldson is added next to him he goes all glum and looks pissed-off most of the time.
    The palace needs to get Fred out there more often ON HIS OWN without Masturbating Mary. Alone by himself the public gets a much happier decent prince.

  6. He is full of life and happy when his wife is not around. He is a completely different person and I can understand it.

  7. You only have to look at how he interacted last week with the heavily pregnant Environmental Minister Ida Auken. I mean I was afraid for the poor woman I thought Fred was going to start humping her right there and then on the boat! He was completely taken with the pretty blonde and her gigantic belly!! Aww ..... It's when he's so happy and animated like that it endears Froyo to the public we can almost forgive his weakness to liberate himself from Mary's iron grasp ...bitch is hanging on for dear life to her meal ticket! Poor Fred...

  8. That obnoxious Donaldson woman really sucks the life out of Fred. He looks and shows his best when he is not within her reach. He made a big mistake of falling into that bogan's trap. Now, he really needs to get rid of that woman.