Friday, May 17, 2013

Celebrating Nikolai of Schackenborg On the Eve of His Confirmation: Big PR Push To Introduce Young Prince to His Co-Citizens (And Future Subjects?)

Young handsome Prince Nikolai will be confirmed tomorrow in the royal chapel at Fredensborg Castle, his grandmum's pile in the country. He will be the only confirmand celebrated in a private ceremony. His confirmation class was confirmed a couple of Sundays ago, but because Nikolai is the oldest grandson of a reigning queen, he gets the royal treatment. Perhaps this is part of Daisy's way of continuing to introduce the kingdom to this very striking young man who seems to embody the best traits of both his father and his Uncle Derfie: a lean, regal carriage, carved facial features, and an impish spirit capped with dark hair. Best of all, he doesn't seem to struggle with darker demons and is musically inclined and multi-lingual in Danish, English and French, with probably a strong working knowledge of German and Swedish through both parents' families.
Saturday, 18 May should be marvelous. The royal chapel will be filled with friends (including the adorable bestie Bernadette from the documentary from Nikolai's 10th birthday?) and godparents, including HRH the Earl of Wessex to link the British royal family with this very capable and intelligent young man. Countess Alexandra will be present with her husband, and Daisy will appreciate that the loyal Alexandra is continuing to be a terrific foil for the Auntie Mary beast thinggie who plagues the family. Welcome to the body of Christ, Nikolai! Beware pressies from the gargoyle side of the family! They'll send you down the devil's path!












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