Thursday, May 2, 2013

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch: The Core Danish Royals Work and Do Their Duties While Madam Got Upper East Side Skin Treatments and Derf Tanned in Peru

Dais, if yer playin' faves, it's working!
So while Derf and Yrma played on the Danish taxpayers' kroner on two different continents, then in Amsterdam, for the past couple of weeks, this has been an ideal opportunity for the Danish Royal House, Inc. to get its act together and show a solid force of unity, culture, diplomacy and military or military-adjacent know-how. Well played, Daisy!
If the rumours are true, and Yrma has been seen for the truly horrid PR disaster that she is for the royals, and maybe even is eventually on her way out, then this was the right way to show the Danish people that they are actually getting what they are paying for: a well-functioning royal family who show up for duties, no matter their nature, and get the job done smiling, being engaged, interacting positively and not just showing up late, grabbing flowers, scowling at hosts but smiling manically at photographers. Even Daisy's coming down off of her pedestal a bit!
This is the core of the Danish Royal Family and Yrma and Derf's exile for the time being pushes that point. Madam MoreMore is too easily distracted with visits to NYC day spas, new cheek fillers and tiara events in other royal courts to notice that PR-wise, Daisy is getting the better of her. Derf will be pulled back into the fray eventually, but it will remain to be seen whether that is as the divorced, future king, or as a single dad living in a Miami condo.
If the former, then attention all you single, foreign ladies between ages 35 and 45. We'll soon be taking your applications for "Queen of Denmark". Must have integrity, class, manners, self-confidence. Must be a self-starter and self-motivated. Experience working with addictive and/or depressive personalities mandatory. Strong Danish language skills preferred but willing learners accepted. Busty blondes strongly preferred, but not required. Be prepared for "in-depth interviewing".
Prince Henrik read from his books of poetry in French. In Denmark! To Danes! I know!

Daisy visited Out of Africa author Karen Blixen's home Rungstedlund to award a prize

Joachim attended a military reception at the Citadel of Copenhagen with his Private Secretary Kurt Bache (c'est pour toi, chère Océane! Ton colonel.)

Daisy and Henrik welcomed the President of Bulgaria to Amalienborg for lunch

Princess Benedikte visited the Copenhagen International School for their 50th Jubilee

Henrik celebrated the 100th Jubilee of the Marine Society at Holmens Kirke

Daisy and Marie celebrated the 75th Jubliee of the DEMA Danish Unified Emergency Services


Daisy welcoming Afghan President Hamid Karzai to Amalienborg. In the wake of the Ceausescu debacle (not that Karzai is anywhere near the former Rumanian dictator's evil status), it is smart that no other members of the royal family are present, nor was Karzai offered an Elephant! Yer learnin', Dais. Good!

Photos: Henning Bagger, Sanne Søndergaard, Keld Navntoft, Hanne Juul, Mik Eskestad, Kongehuset, Lars Laursen


  1. Didn't anybody teach that lady in green how to hand the bouquet to the Queen? She's got her whole freakin' hand on the thing, where is the Queen supposed to grab it? Good grief.

  2. Marie looks effortlessly cool in her uniform. There is an easy comfortable rapport between Marie and Queen Margrethe. Both are European and are more cultured and sophisticated than Mary the Australian kangaroo.

    Mary always looks ill at ease with Daisy who in turn treats her like a moronic bothersome child she is. Queen Margrethe has no respect for the gold digger bettch from Holebart

  3. President Karzai please take Mary Donaldson with you back to Afghanistan .. Give her a burka and a 78 year old wrinkled-ball sheik for Mary's amusement.
    We in Denmark need to get rid of useless garbage ...

    1. Great idea, but I don't think he's allowed to import a chemical weapon of mass destruction.

    2. LOL! Truth!

    3. Mary would suffocate the frail Afghan sheik ... With her whip and her being a manly dominatrix, old sheik is no match...
      However a burka is an excellent idea! Because with her face hidden away we are spared of the sight of her overly bleached and overly botoxed face

  4. Marge definitely gets on well with Marie.

  5. Joachim is looking mighty fine in his military attire .. Mmm Shmexy!

    So true there is genuine affection between Princess Marie and Queen Margrethe. It's very nice to see!

  6. So nice to see the natural warmth and laughter between Marge and Marie! Unlike that between her and the other DIL. Marge looks like she's wearing one of the new Qantas flight attendant uniforms. Perhaps it's her subliminal desire that her bogan DIL jump on the next flight back to Tassie.