Thursday, May 9, 2013

FAIL: Crown Princess Mary Informs Mr. Bach and His Gang of Parliamentary Busybodies Just What Missy's Sexual and Reproductive Rights Are All About

Hard not to appreciate the little tray of presque-zizi cakes with itching cream frosting in the foreground.
Contest on what that white pillow thinggie is in front of Mr. Bach. A lifesize model of a Taswegian presque-zizi genital wart? Fred's manhood in cushion form that Madam sits on while at her desk waiting for Max Markson's, Oprah's or the McCann Group's emails? Poor Mr. Bach!


  1. What is done is done - Fred did what he was duty bound to do - marry and produce an heir(s). Now it is time for everyone to leave him be and try and find happiness in the unfortunate situation he is in. I feel enormous sympathy for the man. As for the woman he married - well, let's not go there any more. This is all a pure and unadulterated farce, and I hope it is sorted out one way or another for everyone's sake.

  2. This plastic surgery addict just babbled nonsense in her signature Danglish. She only cares about more botox and silicone injection into her hideous face.

  3. Mary's red oozing genital wart here!May 9, 2013 at 8:27 PM

    Is that ugly hillbilly really slouching in an antique gold chair with her dirty hair in a banana clip, no wedding rings and no makeup talking up a blue streak about her own twat? She really is a sickeningly obtuse and unhygienic redneck in her natural habitat. She prolly smells, too. No wonder all those people look like they realize their mistake in associating with her.

  4. So... Mary can be seen more and more frequently in Friis Bach's company, or vice versa. Travelling together, dancing, posing for photographs, Friis Bach is given flowers as if he was the Crown Prince while Mary is watching him proudly....

    Poor Fred. Where are you in the picture?

    1. Fred checked out years ago. Mary has effectively emasculated him, and that white tea cosy thingie is representative of one of his testes. In the meantime, Fred plots his revenge. Watch Mary sink herself further into the honey trap and make an utter fool of herself!

  5. As you can see, nobody cares about what she is saying. Lazy Fred let her do the job while he has some fun around. Is this the future of our reign?

  6. Upon reflection, it is clear to me that Mary has no idea how to be a proper hostess. Like a typical bogan, she would have grown up with all the slop put on the table at supper time so that everyone can dig in, reaching across the others and making a mess, talking over each other and spilling all around. Think about it, how is anyone in an "official business" meeting supposed to feel comfortable reaching across to grab a cake or pull off those extra large cosies for another cuppa in this scenario? It would have been one million times much better if there had been a table with the coffee, tea, and cakes so that the attendees could discretely leave the table, stretch their legs to walk over and be as fussy as need be to find the milk for their tea, add a sweetener, have the time to choose a pastry. Mary is a horrible hostess. Her staff is probably apoplectic at her arrangements and hopefully will be relaying information back to Marge's staff.