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Prince Nikolai's Confirmation at Fredensborg Castle: Dignified, Tasteful, and Slightly British


Following royal tradition, His Highness Prince Nikolai was confirmed at 11:30 this morning in Fredensborg Castle Chapel where several generations of royal heirs have been confirmed throughout the years. As Daisy's eldest grandson, Nikolai was the beneficiary - even if at his age he doesn't think so - of Farmor's royal spotlight and was confirmed solo in front of his family, friends and godparents.

The Earl and Countess of Wessex made the trip, Crown Prince Frederik was also at his side, as were the other godparents Peter Steenstrup, Camilla Bredholt and Nicola Baird, his maternal aunt. About 40 guests were present, according to BT. Edward and Sophie arrived Friday and stayed overnight in the psychedelic palace in Copenhagen. That's interesting, considering Kancellihuset is at Fredensborg where all the events take place. So, Mary's at Kancellihuset so that the kids have room to frolick, and Fred's staying at Amalienborg? I guess that's how they divvied it up. Or it was just a way for Mary to keep the royal gargoyles away from the British royals lest they judge their badly mannered behaviour?

Alexandra looks wonderful, and very proud. Martin's suit is still a smidge too small, Marie looks great, and fine with the spotlight being on others. Martin's parents were also there, a nice touch since his father has produced so many royal films, including the Marymentary. Grandmother Christa Manley was also there with her third daughter Martina.

Berlingske was so impressed, they put a photo gallery and article on their front page!

Video: Danish Royal Website

Article: Berlingske

Prince Nikolai Was Confirmed Alone

The traditions of the royal family were followed to the letter today, when Prince Nikolai as the eldest grandson Saturday was confirmed in Fredensborg Palace Church.
Like his father and uncle, Nikolai was also confirmed at age 13. And Joachim and Alexandra's eldest son is also the only confirmand, which was confirmed in the white chapel Saturday.
For such is the tradition for the Danish royal family.But it is not as strange or elevated as it seems according to the royal family's priest and royal confessor, Erik Norman Svendsen."It is an old tradition that the royal family will be confirmed separately. But what I think is a sensible decision. For anyone may well imagine what will happen to an ordinary communion Sunday in an ordinary church if the entire royal family entered. So it was no longer confirmed children who were in the centre but the family," says Erik Norman Svendsen.The royal confirmations occurs only in the presence of the immediate family and in very private forms - thus, when Prince Nikolai today stepped into the adult world by confirming his baptism in the Christian faith."The confirmation is in itself the same way as the day his companions were confirmed in the Garrison Church. I hold course a speech to the confirmand, the priest always does this, but here it becomes to him alone. And it can not be avoided becoming more personal", told Norman Svendsen before confirmation, which he calls completely normal.As Norman Svendsen was the royal family's priest until 2008, this is how he got to know Nikolai. But it is been in the confirmation classes, which he has given that the priest has gotten closer to Joachim and Alexandra's oldest son."He is both smart and cute. He has picked up so much in class. He is not afraid to ask questions. And he has been engaged. So it has been a pleasure," says Erik Norman Svendsen, who also participated in the confirmation lunch at Fredensborg Palace immediately after the ecclesiastical event.




Prince Joachim in 1982

Outside Fredensborg Chapel

Joachim with Ingrid and his French grandparents André and Renée Laborde de Monpezat

Derf was confirmed in 1981

Outside Fredensborg Chapel

Finally, something he got to do without Joachim

Leaving Fredensborg Chapel

Daisy was confirmed in 1955

Ingrid, King Frederik and Benedikte at Fredensborg Chapel in 1959

Princess Benedikte at Fredensborg Chapel

Anne-Marie on her way to Church in 1961

Anne-Marie family portrait at Amalienborg

Princess Elisabeth in 1950 with her younger brothers, Ingolf and Christian

Confirmation photo of King Christian's sons Frederik and Knud in 1915

Derf's grandfather, Prince Frederik in his 1915 confirmation photo

Crown Prince Olaf of Norway with his paternal grandparents, Prince Harald and Princess Helena of Denmark

Photos: Torkil Adsersen


  1. Hahaha no Auntie Mary in the picture! Nikolai is a very handsome young man. He is probably already breaking a few tween hearts. This family seems like they generally get along very well with all the blended parents and siblings. They seem real and level headed.

  2. Nice to see that young man confirmed into the church of Christ. I love family photos of this royal bunch if a certain CP'ss is not around. Wonderful snap of Alexandra and Marie happily holding on to each other.

  3. Very nice pictures. Prince Nikolai (Nike to me), (nike means victory in greek) is very handsome; he has the best of Alexandra and Joachim. Marie is a very kind lady and everybody looks happy (is because Yrma isn´t around). If the queen makes her decision Joachim will be king and his eldest son too. Fred wouldn´t matter at all, I am sure of that.

  4. Autumn here

    I'm not saying this to "pick on Mary", but it's simply amazing how the DRF looks so nice, normal, likable and approachable with Mary and her four bogals out of the picture. What truly makes it amazing is that the family portrait is composed of Nikolai's divorced parents with their new families. Wake up Denmark!

  5. I like Marie and Alex so much more than Yrma. You are right - there is harmony without Yrma around.

  6. Where is Yrma by? Why is she not around?

  7. Style of Mary said she was there...hard to believe without a picture!

  8. Er, Style of who? This blog will be the first to report if Mary weren't actually there. Of course she was there, as were her two oldest kids. She was not in the photos because she is not a godparent or part of Nikolai's immediate family. Which makes her absence sweeter since she had to be jumpy in the background watching everyone else get in the photies!

  9. Très contente qu'Yrma ne soit pas là ! la photo est plus belle sans elle

  10. If Little Henrik was there, why not the other cousins? You know, the little boganistas?