Friday, May 3, 2013

Mystery at Kancellihuset: Derf and Yrma's Batphone Goes Off, No One at Home to Respond to Police Call

Weird! But what else do you expect from this weird couple? So, the red Batphone is picked up at Kancellihuset - Derf and Yrma's country home, original conjugal home, and now future home again - it rings at the police station, but the Kancellihuset side doesn't answer and eventually hangs up. Huh, must be a naughty Miracle Twin or some other little gargoyle prankster, you think.

The article says when the cops show up, no one answers, there is no sign of life, and the police search the house before leaving and concluding that there must be a technical glitch. Nuh-uh. Phones don't pick themselves up, hold the line for a handful of seconds, then hang themselves back up again. If the kids had done that, they and the nannies would be home, and the nannies and other staff who tend to those kids would have answered the door, and the Danish pink press would be delighted to bring you news about the adorably mischevious royal children. (Now that I've planted that seed, look for that soon.)

It's hard not to speculate that either Derf and Madam got into a fight, then fended off the police with excuses, some whisky and promises not to squeal, declaring truce in the wake of the realisation that the Batphone stirs up too much troubling intrusion. Or a Slurppppppppson entered the premises knowing no one would be home, and accidentally bumped the receiver off the hook while loading the car with precious valuables and whatever was in the fridge and wine cellar, then either hid in a secure zone like Madam's facial placenta cream cold storage freezer or surgical recovery chamber - no way the police would search every inch of a royal palace - or paid off the police to keep quiet with some of Henrik's swill or Derfie's whisky stash. Hmmmm.

Article: BT

Mysterious Calls: The Police Went Out to Frederik and Mary's Home

On 1 May in the evening one of those special phones to the police in North Zealand rang, which gets the police to go to red alert. The call came from Frederik and Mary's home, the Chancellery House, at Fredensborg Palace.

But the strange thing about the call was that there was no-one who said anything on the phone despite the security manager's repeated hello's. And then a dial tone.

The guard commander called back immediately because when the phone is ringing, Mary and Frederik need immediate police response. But no one answered the phone that just rang and rang inside Mary and Frederik's large, empty home at Fredensborg Palace.

The couple's residence as you know, is Frederik VIII's Palace at Amalienborg. And exactly 1 May, the queen was receiving the ambassadors of the Czech Republic and Mexico in farewell audiences at Amalienborg. And later in the day the queen was with Princess Marie at DEMA's 75th Jubilee in Birkerød.

"We received the call at 7:29pm and we sent a patrol there, in the time frame 7:35 pmto 8:23pm throughout the Chancellery", says Henrik Hatten, who is deputy police commissioner in North Zealand Police and among other things is responsible for Frederik's area.

Did patrol go inside the house?

"Yes. Patrol went through the house without finding anything", says the Deputy Police Commissioner, and confirms that the patrol took no chances and carefully searched Frederik and Mary's big home both inside and outside, but without finding either living people or sign of forced entry.

Do you think it was prank?

"My assessment is that it may be a technical fault. That the (phone, ed.) even called. But it's not something I have an opinion about."

What happens now in the matter?

"Nothing," says Henrik Hatten about the mysterious phone call from the deserted castle.

Photo: Brian Bergmann


  1. Mary is a bad omen .. Danish Royal Ghosts haunting the palace because it is tainted by Mary Donkeyson's ass backward stench. Send the source of stench - aka Mary Donaldson back to the toilet pits of Salamander market Hobart and all will be well again with Denmark's Royal Family.

  2. Ohhhh could it be ... Someone was calling escort services and instead accidentally dialed the police???! Bwhahahaha

    Poor Ferdles and Mary.. someone must be desperate for some action but they oughta play it safe ... LOL .. So which one spooked off the alarm system?
    Don't forget now children your alarm system is hooked up to the cops .. D'oh!

    They're so clueless!

    1. Whoops! That's why the cops showed up! D'oh! I was just looking for a sexy blonde cuddle bunny for the night since Mary's hanging upside down in her coffin. I'll be more careful next time!

    2. You silly ole goat! Careful you don't trip the alarm next time Freddie! Hahahaha

      But why call a service? Plenty of blonde action online lol
      I know I know.... poor bloke prefers the real thing since Mary's out of commission ... Eeek

  3. If they found the room filled with zillions of dead flies, red ooze dripping through the walls, and the stench of rotting meat, yep, that would be a Boganson spirit en residence.

  4. Mary's phone sex interrupted? Maybe

  5. When did the couple arrive home from Amsterdam? Do we know that?
    It often happens that in the heat of a marital row someone quickly dials the police but the call is interrupted for some reason. For example, so as to avoid a scandal.

  6. Maybe it was the ghost of Ingrid begging the police to get that Bogan out of her home and away from her rubies.