Tuesday, May 14, 2013

FAIL: Nine Years of Princess Mary Excuses and Rose-Coloured Nonsense: C'mon Danish Press, Throw Freddles a Bone and Tell Some Troofs!

"Who said that? Well, it trapped me a prince, din it? Bitch!"

A little walk down memory lane on the 9th anniversary of one of the most devestating royal miscalculations in modern memory: the day Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, heir to Europe's longest running monarcy, married Taswegian hillbilly and bogan extraordinaire Mary 'Pony Club' 'Double Nose Job' 'Starmakers Bogan' 'Ute-Shaggin'' Donaldson and introduced, in a grand turn of irony given the lass's Aussie origins, one of the more resistant and persistant narcissistically attacking viruses into the grand tradition of noblesse oblige and droit du seigneur that has been recorded. And Australia still has the noive to restrict what is being imported after such a damaging export was released! Gud Bevare Danmark.

Videos from the Wedding Week: DR

"Hi, Mary!"

"Hope you don't mind me upstaging you on your big day! I wasn't even trying!"

"What in the HELL did I get talked into?"

"Ay, lassie, four long years and you've nearly got the prize!"

"Focus, Mary! It's yours, babe! Eye on the prize! GRAB IT."
"Let's air out these big boys! How're'ya like them jools, Dais!"
"I hope he doesn't notice my lye-soaked hands and ears!"

"I got it! I got the ring! I'm a princess! I'm officially better'n youse!"

"Keep cool, girl. Celebrate later behind closed doors."
Shame. It looked a bit better on a real girl.

"See you at the reception, Mary!"

"We really don't know what to do with each other do we? That's passive-aggressive love for ya!"



Aw. First fight!


"Let me just spew some lyrics from a Danish pop song and pretend they're what I wrote about you!"

"Giddy up!"


  1. Both of them have aged a lot since then. Mary is never a beauty and will never turn heads in her lifetime. She was average in looks department but looked exactly her age during the first few years of marriage. Now, she looks as if she's in her mid fifties. Possibly her greed, bitterness, delusion.....have taken a great toll on her.

    1. Anymouse, what "greed, bitterness, delusion"? I think you are under the delusion you know Princess Mary. WTF are you going on about. I just see a classy, beautiful, intelligent woman who is obviously a good wife and mother. GET A LIFE! and that goes with all the other spineless Any Mouses.

  2. Where they really in love back then if not then why did they marry eachother, and what killed it in only nine years? Why did Fred choose such a different women compared to what he earlier had dated? What was Mary thinking and hoping for when coming to Denmark? She do seem very bitter and angry as time goes by but in the start she seemed nervous and like she really wanted to learn to be a good princess, now she clearly do not give a shit about Danes and Denmark even though she is living first class life on the expense of the Danes. Fred do seem increasingly depressed, but maybe it is bad dna and not MoreMore causing this, on the other hand Fred seem happy and smiling these days when he is out "working" without MoreMore, so what to make of this?? How did they become such greedy egocentric people and what killed their relationship the drinking, the depression, the greed? Maybe even more important how do the Danes tell them that their behavior is unacceptable and we do not want a monarchy if they act like freeloaders and jetsetters, we need real royal rolemodels that care for their nation! Danes can not really communicate with their royal family since we normalt have a democracy in Denmark, BUT when it comes to DRF we are apparently like North Korea so any dialog with them seem out of the question eg. Billedbladet just made a front page with MoreMore on bike with all four kinds at the pier in front of Amalienborg, how lovely and a great photo opp but no one considered pointing out that yet again MoreMore feel like she is above traffic rules in Dk, it is a pedestrian zone according to traffic signs so biking is a big no no but apprently not if you are royalty.

  3. Those were happy times, full of hope for everybody. Today, the reality is sad and boring. We expected too much from her, but she is only an ordinary person, living an extraordinary life. I remember her saying: "We will change the monarchy". Well, yes. Our queen sew her clothes, this one goes shopping to New York, Milan, London or Paris ¡Big change!. The worst thing ever: the kids with their bad manners, insecurity and ugly faces.
    Both are aging very bad.

  4. This woman was born in low class and still there, doesn´t matter if she dresses Prada. Maxima won the hart of her mother in law, queen Bea, by loving her prince, working seriously and raising those beautiful and well behaved children. Can you try just one of these three things Yrma?

    1. Queen Maxima also wears very expensive fashion..

    2. Maxima and WA's private fortune is enormous and they get to buy whatever they want with it. The point is that when Yrma isn't forcing Copenhagen shopkeepers to give her freebies, she's paying for her expensive clothes out of her appanage. The Danes aren't rich. The Dutch are majorly so.
      Plus, Max wears her clothes, but clothes wear Mary.

  5. Yrma est une poubelle !!! Elle n'a pas de classe, n'est pas une bonne mère et pas une bonne Princesse
    Pauvres danois qui payent pour cette caricature de mode

  6. I believe they got married because of the upcoming divorce. I'm sure Mary also presented herself to be someone other than who she was. That game is up now very obviously and they both seem to suffer for it.

  7. This is horrible and mean. Denmark ought to be proud of its future monarchs. Both Frederick and Mary look wonderful after 4 children and they carry themselves in a way that they are the envy of European monarchies. All you people are mean and jealous bullies!