Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sportif!: The Derf Man Goes Deep C Diving Again: The Reason Mary's Pounding Pints of Lager Until the Wee Hours? Happy Anniversary You Two Lovebirds!

Derfie jumps off of the Skeevy Dyke. Metaphor? Symbolism?
It's not news that Madam is a self-centred friend, not interested in the affairs, feelings or goings on of others. But Mary in a zombie state surrounded by her husband's friends' wives while throwing back a a few sherbets doesn't make the least bit of sense. Crikey, that's pure carbs! What was she thinking? Ah, until you see that perhaps her husband's latest adventures with a high profile 'deep c diving' activity might remind her of his wondering eye (and lost wedding ring) here nine years to the day of her wedding/jackpot. Gosh, Derf would rather be submerged into an underwater isolation tank than be king? Oy. Happy Anniversary, you two!
According to Se og Hør, Mary was out the other night boozing it up (the photos show her chugging pilsner from a large pint glass) with several 'girlfriends' (read: wives of Fred's friends). Now what could make MoreMore go from skinny style icon back to her bogan beer-chugging roots? A rewind of Derfie's old Miami adventures when he dropped his Greenlandic gold wedding ring at the bottom of the ocean (in a hotel room) off the coast of south Florida (in Miami Beach) only to be eaten (greased off his finger) and regurgitated (sold to a pawn shop in Little Havana) by a manatee (an hourly skank)? Mary, we thought you were made of stronger stuff than that! Cheers, Freddles!
Article: BT
Net Dive: The Crown Prince in Search of Old Wrecks
Not all ribbon cuttings must be equally exciting when you've done them customarily for so many years and know that you have to continue to do so until the day you die.
But today's ribbon cutting near the Lim Fjord is probably one of the more enjoyable for Crown Prince Frederik.
No stiff smiles and formal handshakes. Instead, it was a trained diver from the Navy frogman corps in his element and in high spirits who had taken off his crisp suit and tie for a while and instead jumped into a diving suit.
Wearing coveralls and making a splash without hesitation and with great enthusiasm into the icy Salling Sound outside of Glyngøre to inaugurate Europe's largest diving park Salling Aqua Park and afterwards cut a string of seaweed. The new dive park consists of a large, defined sea area with a lot of false wreckage on the ocean floor and a resource center.
"It was the dive. It went great. The Crown Prince is an accomplished diver, tells a terribly enthusiastic project manager for the brand new dive park, Jan Opstrup who even dived with him.
"Since I have been an instructor for 25 years, you can see when people know their stuff. And he does," he adds.
The occasion was the official opening Thursday, 16 May of Salling Aqua Park, Northern Europe's largest diving park where Crown Prince Frederik as part of the inauguration had agreed to explore the ocean floor, 20 metres where it was deepest, and look at old shipwrecks, war, a tank, a Swedish minesweeper, 4000 tons of granite and whatever else has been lowered into the depths. Here he spent 41 minutes before he came up again to sea level.
"The Crown Prince was excited and thought it was a great project. He was very positive and super thrilled," says a happy January Opstrup.The former Navy SEAL was wearing a brand new, custom designed wetsuit from the local store in Glyngøre, which afterwards he was allowed to keep as a gift for future royal diving trips.



Photos: Bo Amstrup


  1. He really is so lovely! And looks very happy, totally in his element. Very nice to see.

  2. Things don't look good for Yrma.

  3. Water is his element. He looks great when Yrma isn´t around.

  4. Does he ever!!!!!