Friday, July 12, 2013

It's Official: The Derfsons Can't Stand Each Other, Fred Gets the Oldest Two, Mary Gets the Twins, and Friends Are Still Called Upon To Be the Family Glue

Airing out the ol' presque-zizi!
So Derf and Yrma grab the kids and their besties and a few nannies and perhaps even Mary's new lady's maid, and head up to the northern coast of Zealand to the chic resort town of Tisvilde. This is where Fred's friend Alexander Kølpin has a restaurant and hotel (Alexander was married to Rigmor Zobel's sister Sarah and has a son named Vincent). This is the town where over the years Caroline Heering has had a big birthday party, where the Derfsons have had previous beach holidays, including with Julie Mølsgaard, and where various members of their rich aristos set comes to party in the summer. Skagen is over; Tisvildeleje is where it's at. ("-leje" indicates the coast, like -port in English.)
NO photos of Fred and Mary together. At all. These two can't stand each other and they are doing their damnedest to stay together despite mutual resentment. Mary wants the money, fame and social prestige that Denmark gives her and Fred doesn't want trouble, and Mary is a convenient foil for his underground escapes and lack of work ethic. Every once in a while there's probably angry sex, then back to covert hostility or passive aggressiveness. What nasty pieces of work the twose of 'em are!
The kids seem to be evenly divvied up between the more easy-going Far, and Looker Me! MoreMore. Xian and Izzy seem to be handling life well now - a tribute to the discipline of school and the love of Fred's formerly blonde and buxom gaggle of nannies. The nannies! They used to be young, sexy, and hot. Now they're dowdy, plump and geriatric. Wow, does Mary know how to punish Freddles, or what?
Poor fat, single friend Julie Mølsgaard who puts up with this crap every year. She is Our Izzy's saving grace. Julie was on the luxury yacht in the Mediterranean owned by Scanomat boss Kim Vibe Petersen both times and has gone on holiday with the Dumblederfs other times in the past. What sort of grace and favours must Daisy be planning for her? A Dannebrog? A chambermaid status? An elephant!? She deserves something great for putting up with this crowd!

Joisuz, that water looks cold! Is Mary allowing Izzy to be fed? A little body fat could go a long way to keeping our girl better insulated.
Julie Mølsgaard is surely doing her duty to Denmark by making sure the heir and spare are properly loved and cared for by a female role model.
Seems on this day, Madam stayed at home and Fred and Julie took the kids to the beach.

Why are these children allowed to eat while walking around in public? Pull back on the cool dad bit, Derfo, you're royal.

A smile on Rat Face? Surely a crab found its way up her trap!

"I said, where is my beach towel, JULIE? Chop chop!"

Not Fred helping Madam out of the low tide? How graceless and un-sporty, Mary!

Sourpuss alert! Look at how tense Mary's making Julie Mølsgaard! Crickey!

"The Little Mermaid"! As if! Unless "mermaid" here has its original meaning as a walrus viewed through rum goggles who symbolises perilous events and ship(s of state) wrecks!

Eating in public is unroyal and a nasty bogan habit. And, yes, Mary, by your smile we know you called the paps.

Goodness, the nannies keep getting fatter and plainer! Poor Fred!


This is one of Mary's trademark looker me bum "sexy" poses.
Source: Her og Nu


  1. Does La Boganista really need a bodyguard's help to get out of the sea? Isn't she supposed to be a champion swimmer, as her PR pretended her to be at the Copenhagen swimming race last year ?

    Fake, pretentious and cold. As always!

    And she looks gracious as ever in the next picture - pursed lips and deadly stare à la Trinity from the Matrix movies !

    Sugars said these days that the Clown Prince couple are "still madly in love"...How can they explain this? No pictures of F&M together, let alone any PDA's !

  2. The so-called royals in Europe are a joke these days. Most of the heirs have married down to some lazy uneducated skank. This clown prince and his minger are the worst.

    1. Any more of these poor choices will end up with only a dribble of royal blood left anywhere. A thousand years of careful intermarrying have gone down the drain, as if they all of a sudden don't care. The under-ten prince/sses will have to intermarry and rebuild or royalty will mean nothing.

  3. Selling Xian off to a young princess or noble might be a tough one. But if Schackenborg gets the throne, then Nikolai can marry little Infanta Sofia. Felix can get Leonor. Vincent's cute so he can marry Estelle.

  4. Hi Cece,
    Thanks for the great blog.
    Do you have any input on what went wrong between Fred and MoreMore? Since Izzy they seem to have developed in very different directions to a point where they maybe do not even live together? Is this why they never give interviews to TV? ( I'm thinking a real program sitting down and talking about their rolls in Danish society and going from two to a big family ect.)
    One last thing quite funny when looking at family Schakenborg in France, they are not perfect, but not claiming to be either, and they really all six of them + dog look like a family that really love in

  5. Hey Cec - "New Idea" magazine this week has this as a two-page spread and titled it "Her Royal Hotness" (hmmmm). They caption a photo as Mary with 'Princess Isabella' - except it's not Izzy at all! What do you think? Maybe they got the Hotness tag wrong as well!!